NAILS | Happy Canada 150 and Birthday to Me!

Apologies for the blog silence the last three days as I have had some very long work days and then a horrific case of food poisoning Thursday night from a bowl of tuna poke. It was a pretty good bowl too, but an hour later and every hour after that...from 9pm-6am was probably one of the worst things I have ever experienced in a very long time. Thankfully, today is my birthday and I am feeling SO MUCH better so at least now I get to head out and celebrate!

Canada Day Nail Art

I have been pretty good about doing Canada Day nails every year and though it gets harder to be creative with the maple leaf this year is Canada turns 150 years old. Now, I won't get into the politics of whether or not this is something to celebrate because it is still my birthday and a holiday recognized by the calendar people who make holidays.

As it is Canada Day, it seemed appropriate to feature a Canadian company so I am proud to debut Prim + Proper, exclusive to London Drugs! With a whopping 72 colours and tongue-in-cheek polish names like "Justin T Me", "Hockey MOM" and "Eh", you will have a laugh AND a good manicure once you're done with these polishes!

For today's manicure, I kept it simple and got the help of vinyls to create today's Canada Day nail art! I started off by painting my nails two coats of Prim + Proper Fresh Powder* and then waited for them to FULLY dry. I waited a full day since the food poisoning hit around the time I painted my nails white, but I did speed up the dry time a bit by applying one coat of Prim + Proper Clearly Canadian* (I WANT THOSE DRINKS). Once everything was dry, I applied some chevron vinyls from Canadian company Beyond the Nail to my index and pinky nails, applied one thick coat of Prim + Proper O Canada* and then peeled the vinyls off immediately.  I did the same process to create the maple leafs using vinyls from WhatsUp Nails and then added little hearts using the rounded edge of a paper clip. I sealed everything in with another coat of Clearly Canadian and I was good to go!  

Canada Day Nail Art

Prim + Proper is available online and at your local London Drugs! Have a Happy Canada Day long weekend everyone!

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