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There are times when I see a set of nails that I just HAVE TO HAVE and practically all the nails on @flowidity108 aka Hang Nguyen's account have me pretty much wanting to have new nails every day! Every design is so minimalistically pleasing and is a style that I am learning to embrace. I haven't really done any nail art in the last few weeks since Canada Day as I was away in Vegas and then came back to a bit of a storm at work. When I saw these chic Art Deco style nails the other day, I figured these would be a great way to ease back into it and look stylish too!

Female Nail Art OPI California Dreaming

I wanted to FINALLY pull out the OPI California Dreaming Summer Collection so I started off with two coats of OPI Feeling Frisco*, a really great nude creme, and then slowly drew in some hair with OPI Infinite Shine We're in the Black* using the narrow side of the brush.

Female Nail Art OPI California Dreaming

I chose to draw in the lips first with OPI To the Mouse House We Go!* as I seem to have a really hard time with spacing when it comes to faces. I have created many deformed creatures in the past going from top to bottom. I visually have to create a start and end for my "canvas" or else eyes end up where noses should be!

Using black acrylic paint, I used a fine brush to draw in the eyes and lashes and then sealed everything in with my latest favourite top coat - Duri's Brush'n Go*. It's one of the fastest top coats I've used in awhile that comes with a great shine so try it out if you haven't already!

Female Nail Art OPI California Dreaming

The OPI California Dreaming Collection is available now.

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