NAILS | Sinful Colors #Pride 2017 Collection

Summer in Vancouver is the time for a hike up Grouse Grind, biking along the Stanley Park Seawall and Pride! BC Day is the day after the Vancouver Pride Parade on August 6th so you can bet that it is going to be absolutely crazy downtown! To celebrate all things Pride, Sinful Colors has teamed up with international singer and song writer, Era Istrefi to bring us the Pride Collection! If you haven't heard her songs, she is most well-known for "Bon Bons" (her makeup is super cool in the music video) and "Mani Per Money" which totally has this reggae vibe to it. Era is a proud supporter of equality and gay rights, even performing on the Sinful Colors float at Pride in NYC this year and is the inspiration behind this year's new nail polish shades!

Sinful Colors Pride Hashtag Nail Art

There are a total of eight shades in this year's Pride collection with my favourites being ALL OF THE GLITTERS. I mean, look at them! While each polish is awesome on its own, put 'em together and you've got a rainbow! The first six shades of the rainbow are brand new and limited edition so if you feel like you need them (which you do) get them while you can because at just $2.99 a bottle, why the heck not?!

Sinful Colors Pride Hashtag Nail Art

Based on how pretty these polishes looked together, I knew I had to create a rainbow on my nails too!

Sinful Colors Pride Hashtag Nail Art

To start off, I painted all of my nails white with two coats of Sinful Colors Wisp and waited for them to completely dry. Then, I applied striping tape down the middle of each nail. For the pointer nail, I painted one side red using Sinful Colors Devious followed by the glittery red Bon Bons*. I did the same for the other side with the orange creme Sinful Colors Feel the Vibe with orange glitter Erotik* on top. Make sure you are very careful when painting each side as not to overlap the tape. Immediately peel off your striping tape and you should have a perfectly clean white line right down the middle of your nail!

For my middle nail, I used the yellow creme Yolo* and the light green Sinful Colors Happy Ending as a base for green glitter Mani Per Money*. Using a fine brush, I then wrote the hashtag "#PRIDE" with black acrylic paint just so people would know what this collection was called just by looking at my nails!

Sinful Colors Pride Hashtag Nail Art

For the ring nail, the electric creme blue Sinful Colors Most Sinful was the base for the blue glitter Intergalactic* followed by purple creme Sinful Colors Samba-Dy to Love and the grape glitter Taste It*.

For the last nail, I decided to focus on the rainbow glitter Pride* which was part of last year's Pride collection and layer it over the pink and purple cremes, Sinful Colors Come Hither and Royal Flush.

Sinful Colors Pride Hashtag Nail Art

What I found really cool was that Bon Bons, Erotik, Mani Per Money, Intergalactic and Taste It all contained the same rainbow glitters suspended in a tinted base making them look red, orange, green, blue or purple! These glitters can certainly be worn over a white base though the effect will be more pastel in appearance.

You may have noticed that I have only used seven of the eight polishes and that's because I have something special planned for the blue and purple glitter Frenzy* in my next post!

The Pride collection is one that celebrates equality, love and freedom and of course the secret powers of GLITTER! I don't know about you, but I always feel like it's going to be good time when there is glitter involved so I think I might be sporting Intergalactic (I LOVE blue polish) or red hot Bon Bons for Pride. Or maybe I might do the rainbow again because they just look so good united on my hand!

You can find the Sinful Colors Pride Collection in stores now.  

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