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I am officially back home from Cosmoprof in Vegas and it's time to do some major catch up over here! The days leading up to my trip were wrought with issues at work and what felt like a ton of running around leaving little time for preparing posts which made me sad since I love this little nook of internet. There will DEFINITELY be a Cosmoprof recap this week since there was a lot to see, but while my Gravol high wears off (it takes almost 24 hours for me shake the drowsiness!), it'll just be nails for now. 

imPRESS Nails Press On Manicure Review

I have featured imPRESS Press-On Nails a fair amount over the years and though I do not wear fake nails on a regular basis, imPRESS seems to be getting better with their designs and nail shapes. Fake nails used to have a bit of a reputation for being a little, well, cheap, but now that nail shapes like almond and stiletto are all the rage, it's nice to be able to have that shape for an affordable price without having to go to the salon. What if you just wanted something fun to wear for a Halloween or holiday party? I have used imPRESS nails for just that reason, where I don't have time to do nail art, but happen to have a great set of Halloween press-ons!

This summery design is called "Harlem Shake" and came with my Influenster Spring Vibes VoxBox. The One-Step Gels provide a high shine, gel-like finish as well as a dual adhesive that ensures these nails nly come off when you want them to! You can see that my RIGHT hand is being featured for this post as the press-on nails provided are of the short length and were too short for my left hand. The nails can also be lightly filed to remove the little plastic tab on the edge or to a shape of your liking.

imPRESS Nails Press On Manicure Review

Final verdict: This was a super cute design, perfect for summer and when it was time for me to remove them, I actually needed a few drops of nail polish remover to separate the press-on from my nail bed so I have no doubt that these will stay on through most daily activities. I just wouldn't garden or do extreme sports with them.
Are you a fan of press-on nails? 

Nails provided by Influenster.

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