NAILS | Pretty & Polished April Showers Swatch (It's a Thermal Polish!)

Whenever I wear an indie polish it really gives me a sense of nostalgia as this is when I first started getting interested in nail polish and while it is still a very large part of my life, I don't follow the indie game quite as closely now that my collection is in the thousands(!) and I've gotten more busy working with mainstream brands. This doesn't change the fact that I still have numerous indie untrieds to share with including Pretty & Polished April Showers that I picked up, I kid you not, 3-4 years ago! P&P did/does some great thermal polishes with many of the colour changes being extremely fun. April Showers is a bit more subtle, but has these wonderful bits of blue and white glitter that really make this a unique polish.  

Everything here is shown with two coats and Duri - Brush 'n Go Top Coat* (one of the best I have ever used!). I did not have to go glitter fishing and everything applied as perfectly as I would have hoped for. Some of my thermal polishes from P&P have gotten really dry and hard over the years so I was glad to see that this one was still intact after 4 years.

When cold, April Showers is a bright blue, but check out what happens when this polish gets HOT!

I was actually quite cold when I was taking my photos so it was difficult to keep my nails all one colour, but here they are as a light sky blue!

The transition stage is the most fun as if you have long nails, the tips become cooler and you get a faux French manicure!

Unfortunately, this shade has been discontinued, but check out more from Pretty & Polished on her Etsy store here!

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