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I haven't really discussed this in a long time, but I am a very big Star Trek fan. I have gone to a convention in Las Vegas and I own complete DVD collections of Next Generation and Voyager. I love the history of the Federation and watching the progression of the different NCCs (though my favourite will always be 1701-D). I have watched every Star Trek series (except for The Original, I just couldn't get onboard with Shatner) and now there is a NEW one to watch! Star Trek: Discovery made its television debut this past Sunday and though it feels more like the latest Star Trek movies, I have thoroughly enjoyed the first two episodes and look forward to more! We finally get to see the beginnings of the war between the Klingons and the Federation!   

Star Trek Nail Art

As I have tried to focus on more Back to School and science-themed nails this month, this set will be my last before I launch into Halloween and Fall themed nails for October! Again, we are sticking with the new Sally Hansen x Crayola collaboration and going with the classic Star Trek uniform because nothing makes me think of Star Trek like the "Picard Sweater Pull"!


1. Paint each of your nails a mix of or one of the following shades: Wild Strawberry*Cerulean* or Dandelion*.

2. Use either a black polish like, Sally Hansen Complete Manicure in Hooked on Onyx*, or black acrylic paint to do a little moon manicure along the cuticle. Then draw the black "sweater bits" on the edge of the nail.

3. Using Revlon Gold Coin and a fine nail art brush, draw an upside down "V" to represent the communicators. Outline the shape with black acrylic paint to give more definition.

4. Seal in the design with a shiny top coat!

Star Trek Nail Art

Do any of you watch Star Trek? Which was your favourite series? My husband makes fun of me for liking Voyager, but in my defense I also adore TNG which sort of makes up for it! 

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