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It's obvious I love these Crayola x Sally Hansen Insta-Dri polishes isn't it? Crayola nails have been on my nail art bucket list and when this collaboration came out, it was time for me to finally do them! Using a Crayola design from Serena of Copycat Claws, this is what I came up with! If you don't follow Serena already, she is one of my most favourite CANADIAN nail art bloggers AND she is a scientist!   

Crayola Nail Art

I think there are a few ways to do Crayola nails, but this is how I created mine! Start with a base coat as blue is NOT a fun colour for your natural nails to be! All nail polish shades are from the new Crayola x Sally Hansen collaboration.

Crayola Nail Art

1. Paint each of your nails 2 coats of a different colour polish. I am using the shades: Dandelion*, Granny Smith Apple*, Cerulean* and Carnation Pink*.

2. Using either black polish or black acrylic paint, draw two black lines to frame where your Crayola logo will being and end.

3. This part is the tricky part, but outline a wavy line and the colour in between the wavy and straight line you made so that you create a wave of colour using negative space.

4. Seal your design in with a shiny top coat!

Crayola Nail Art

The Sally Hansen x Crayola Collection is available at drugstores now.

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