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It feels like forever ago since I decided to colour my hair dark blue, but it has been another harrowing hair experience I can tell you that! Going this shade of blue has probably been the easiest to maintain out of the blonde, oilslick and blue/green. With blonde, I eventually looked brassy, oilslick was probably next easiest to maintain as my hair didn't look awful at the end of 8 weeks, blue/green was probably the worst as the green turned muddy even with colour protecting shampoos and treatments.

After much Instagramming and Pinteresting, my Hair God JT, from Civello Robson, and I decided that a darker blue would look great at the beginning and at the end of the summer and we were right! It's actually looking fairly tame now, but allow me to take you on my hair story starting with the very first day at the salon!

Aveda Civello Blue Hair

May 26th, 2017. I had been looking forward to this day for what felt like an eternity because the green in my hair was just killing me and though it was temporarily revitalized with a moisturizing treatment I did on my own, it was time for a colour change, trim and an Aveda Botanical Therapy Treatment. JT was delightful as always when I showed up for my 10am appointment and I know that in his mind, he wants me to finally ask him to colour me a "normal" hair shade, but for now I still have to get these unicorn colours out of my system!

After one round of cleansing and bleach, JT mentioned that the green at the ends of my hair was being stubborn and refusing to lift out. Since my hair was pretty damaged already, he suggested going with a violet/blue for just the ends to save my hair from potentially cracking off during another round of bleach. This would also add a bit of dimension to the rest of the blue. 

Aveda Civello Blue Hair

We also did an Aveda Botanical Therapy Treatment which is something I really should have done this summer, but if you haven't had it done you can read all about my review here and how magical it is!

With this type of colour, a cold water rinse is required to seal the colour in and lemme tell ya, it's like ICE WATER. A hot towel was placed under my neck while I was getting rinsed and as cold as it was, the heat of the towel helps so much more than you think it would! I had just attended a L'Oreal event the night before and after having a long week at work I was actually so tired that I fell asleep through it all and JT had to wake me up!

Aveda Civello Blue Hair

I also needed a good trim after not having my hair cut for almost 7 months as the split ends were everywhere! When my hair was all done and styled I just felt SO MUCH BETTER. I know it's just hair, but the blue looked fantastic, my hair looked healthier and I felt like I had just gone through beauty detox! It was a sunny day so when JT and I went outside, the blue just came alive!

I can last about 3 days before I have to wash my hair and the first wash for brightly coloured hair is the scariest one. I had to use cold water and I despise having cold showers so this time what I did, with the help of hubby, was have him pour buckets of cold water on my head (our showerhead does not detach) while I hung my head over the edge of the tub. I couldn't really see but my husband said he was amazed at how much blue was coming out which is fairly normal, but probably still alarming if you have never witnessed it before. Having my husband stand in the bath tub with his pants rolled up and blue water around his feet while pouring water on my head made me love him that much more!

Aveda Civello Blue Hair
Wash #1

Hair wash session #2 was again with cold water and the colour was still bleeding, but the hair was looking beautiful in terms of colour boldness.

Aveda Civello Blue Hair
Wash #2

My hair by wash #3 actually still looked pretty good, but the colour doesn't show up quite as intensely when my hair is straight. The colour especially pops in fluorescent lighting!

Aveda Civello Blue Hair
Wash #3

Aveda Civello Blue Hair
Wash #4

I started to see a change in the TONE of the blue around hair wash #10. It almost looked like more of a smoky teal, which I loved!

Aveda Civello Blue Hair
Wash #10

My hair has pretty much remained at this state below - a smoky blue that is quite subtle in natural light and more blue in direct sunlight. In terms of maintenance for Asian hair, blue is definitely going to be something I come back to because it doesn't look half bad as the colour fades. Even Mr. Patrick Ta commented that I had beautiful hair at the KISS Pro event last week so I will take that as a huge compliment!

Aveda Civello Blue Hair

Coloured hair like this is pretty pricey wherever you go so if any of you have dark hair and would like a unicorn colour that can last a couple of months, I would definitely try a dark blue. It's also a colour that borders on black so most of my makeup remained the same and if anything, a bolder lip looked much more striking!

Thank you again to JT and the Civello Robson crew for making my blue hair dreams a reality! 

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