KBEAUTY | Peripera "Ah Much Real" Cushion Blusher in Happy Coral #LunarFebruary

I think other than Apieu and possibly Etude House, Peripera is probably the next most plentiful Korean brand in my makeup collection not only for their fun packaging and fun shades, but the actual quality of the products are so similar in consistency to my high end products that I feel like I am having fun and getting a quality product all in one!

One thing that Korean makeup always excels at is cushion ANYTHING. Honestly, North American cushion foundations don't hold a candle next to the Korean ones and the same goes for cushion blushes. I don't use cushion blushers a lot because I am always terrified that my foundation will lift, but I could not say no to the cuteness of this Peripera Cushion Blusher and its cute little girl with perfect cheeks.    

Peripera "Ah Much Real" Cushion Blusher in Happy Coral

I picked up the shade Happy Coral* as I do not own a lot of coral blushes and the swatches of this looked fairly neutral. The formula of this blush is supposedly made for any makeup newbie or anyone who is afraid to look like a clown when using a blush formula other than powder. Peripera describes it as a "moist emulsion that blends to permeate the skin". Ah, the joys of English translation.

Peripera "Ah Much Real" Cushion Blusher in Happy Coral

The cushion itself was soft enough, but I did not feel like it was anything mind-blowing. It CAN be popped off for cleaning though and then stuck right back on for anyone concerned about bacterial growth.

Peripera "Ah Much Real" Cushion Blusher in Happy Coral

You can squeeze out as much or as little as you want because baby, this stuff BLENDS. If you want very coral cheeks you can have that EXACT colour as above and just build or blend it out until you have just a whisper of colour. I had a photo of me with what I thought was a decent amount of blush, but then the camera made it look near invisible.

The texture feels like there is a water in it which is what that "moist emulsion" probably refers to. Once you start blending with your fingers, it almost starts to feel like a serum in your skincare routine.

Peripera "Ah Much Real" Cushion Blusher in Happy Coral

Final verdict: Asian makeup is always about natural beauty so even though this blush can be fairly pigmented, it is really intended to be more of a flush. It did not disturb my foundation which was also a plus. It IS pretty foolproof for a cushion blusher so that I can agree with, but I generally prefer my blushes to be more pigmented. I like having the one fun cushion blush, but I don't think I need more of this type of blush. Unless it comes in an even cuter package...

The Peripera Cushion Blusher is available on eBay and most Korean e-tailers.

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