SKINCARE | Elizavecca Water Lock Hydrogel Melting Mask #LunarFebruary

Do you know where I found this sheet mask? Right in the aisle of my local London Drugs! Some of you may have noticed that London Drugs has started carrying Korean beauty brands like Mizon, The Face Shop and now Elizavecca! The selection tends to change and I am never able to find the same things twice, but pricing is reasonable and I don't have to wait a month for things to ship from South Korea!

I last featured Elizavecca in January (here) with their hydrogel eye mask which was fun, but I didn't find great for value. I picked up the Water Lock Hydrogel Melting Mask because packaging was cute and because I do love a good hydrogel mask! 

Elizavecca Water Lock Hydrogel Melting Mask Review

This mask is meant to "melt away" dry skin and hydrate it with grape seed oil and shea butter while smoothing and firming the skin. One thing to note is that the "smoothing" is probably the result of silicones as there is cyclomethicone and dimethicone in the essence. I didn't read the ingredients list properly and probably would not have picked this up had I known.

Elizavecca Water Lock Hydrogel Melting Mask Review

This mask came in two parts - a piece for the chin and then another for the rest of the face. It actually was quite thin and reminded me more of a biocellulose mask. I found the scent of the essence a bit strong and it left behind a tacky residue that even after an hour, had not disappeared. For something with silicones in it, I would not have thought tackiness would have been an issue. 

There is also an ingredient that I am now having second thoughts about and this "donkey oil" which is very popular in a lot of Asian beauty products. I cannot seem to find any info on how or where this donkey oil comes from other than donkeys. I do not know if they are harmed for it. I don't know what the actual chemical name is which kind of bugs me and until I find out, I will not be purchasing anymore products with this ingredient.

Elizavecca Water Lock Hydrogel Melting Mask Review

Final verdict: The dimethicone in this essence alone has made me say no to repurchasing, but the way it made my skin feel was a bit unpleasant as was the scent. The actual mask material was nice and thin and fit fairly well, but overall this mask is a pass from me.

You can find the Elizavecca Water Lock Hydrogel Melting Mask at London Drugs or at most Korean e-tailers.

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