NAILS | Reliving my Childhood with Lisa Frank #ManiMonday

I am pretty sure that my penchant for leopard print started in the 90s with Lisa Frank. She also happens to be a REAL person and still spearheads the company now continuing to make rainbow school supplies and lunchboxes for elementary school kids. Today's ManiMonday is a tribute to all of my Lisa Frank paraphernalia from the 90s and has made me realize that I still love leopard print now as much as I did then! It's a hard pattern to wear without looking cheap, so I tend to keep the print to accessories, underwear and of course my nails!

Lisa Frank Leopard Print Nail Art

Though there were a number of polishes used, the technique was manageable and didn't take too long.

Lisa Frank Leopard Print Nail Art

1. Paint all of your nails white with Sally Hansen Insta Dri in White*.

2. Using a wedged makeup sponge, apply as many shades of polish as the length of your nails will allow and sponge on top of your white base. I am using:
  • Models Own Hyper Gel in Cerise Shine
  • Cirque Colors in Game Over*
  • Cirque Colors in Extra*
  • Sally Hansen Insta-Dri in Dandelion*
  • Cirque Colors in Kushy*
3. Apply a second coat of polish to your sponge to intensify the colours.

4. Apply a coat of China Glaze Fairy Dust to blend all of the shades together and also give a bit of sparkle to your gradient. This polish is THE BEST for making gradients look fabulous! 

5. Randomly dot different shades of polish all over the nail for your rainbow leopard spots. They don't have to be perfectly round and look even better if they have a more "organic" shape to them.

6. Using a fine nail art brush and black acrylic paint, outline your dots, but leaving a bit of space so they aren't fully circled.

7. Add in some black "commas" to fill in the gaps.

8. Top coat!
Lisa Frank Leopard Print Nail Art

Lisa Frank Leopard Print Nail Art

I hope everyone is having a Happy Monday (today is my Sunday) and be sure to check out what Renee and Trysh have done for their gradient-themed manicures today! 

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