NAILS | "Garbage Bag" Nails aka "My First Attempt at Veil Nails"

I have finished my week of hell. Last week was an uncomfortably busy week at work for me and I am glad to have survived it! I was on the verge of tears twice last week just from sheer frustration and exhaustion, but today is my Friday and then I will get one day off to catch up on life. I hope I am not the only one out there who has a job that leaves them wondering where the days are going. I sometimes have to NAP at work in the basement because I'm just so tired. Someone told me this could be a sign of illness, but I don't really have this issue when I'm NOT working so I think it's just my job and how my body physically deals with it.

I did find some time on Saturday night to try out a trending nail technique that has been floating around YouTube and on Instagram called "Veil Nails". This is basically a water marbling technique that I suspect was borne out of a mistake and became the next nail art. Though this first attempt had its challenges, I think the second set of nails will be much better!

Veil Nail Art

My first issue was that my base nail colour was too dark which was my own fault because I had just picked up the new to Holt Renfrew, Oribe Nail Lacquer in Green Envy and then suddenly decided to try Veil Nails. A white polish base would have worked MUCH better! I soldiered on and after a few failed attempts realized that white was the best polish to "veil" over my nails.

I will let this video do the talking on how to actually do these nails, but essentially this is similar to watermarbling in the sense that you are still dropping polish onto the surface of room temperature water, but you only need one colour for this to work. Using two toothpicks or dotting tools you "pinch" the middle of the polish to get that "knotted" effect. Lemme tell ya, separating those dotting tools from the polish surface was by far the hardest part and did not come with its perils of torn polish! Oh, I forgot to mention that for my white polish, I used Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure in White Here White Now*.

Veil Nail Art

The veil effect is pretty cool which is why I think this technique works way better with a light base and colourful toppers. When I showed my husband my nails, he commented that because of the green and the white, it reminded him of "pollution" or white garbage bags...thanks babe...I did my best to dress these nails up with some Ceramic Glaze Diamond Dust* and of course my trusty rose gold nail art studs from Born Pretty. I finished off with a gel-like top coat and BAM I was done!

Veil Nail Art

Have you tried veil nails yet?

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