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All I can say is Klorane should make mango desserts to go with this collection because ALL OF IT smelled good enough to eat! Known for their plant-based formulas with 96% of the ingredients coming from natural sources, Klorane's new Mango Collection is for dry and dehydrated hair which is probably everyone's hair right now since we are in the middle of winter. Vancouver even got a taste of below freezing weather last week and my hair was ever thankful that I had a nourishing line like this one to keep it soft and touchable instead of crunchy and scary. 

Klorane Mango Butter Collection Review

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There are four products in the entire line starting with the essentials of the Nourishing Shampoo* and Conditioner* both containing mango seed butter to nourish and protect the hair without any added weight. I remember using a conditioner once that even after vigorous rinsing made my hair look "wet" all the time. It definitely wasn't pleasant so I was grateful that both silicone-free formulations left my hair feeling clean of build-up and silky as if I had just used a silicone-based product!

Since my hair is still on the mend from going blonde to blue to purple to blue again, I tend to leave my conditioner on a little bit longer at around 5 minutes which isn't too far off the recommended 2-3 minutes for this conditioner. At this point, I can usually feel my hair almost "melting" underneath the water like "born-again" hair!

Klorane Mango Butter Collection Review

When it comes to colour-treated hair and maintaining colour, the advice I have is hair mask, hair mask, HAIR MASK! Once I realized I needed to do this at least once a week my hair started feeling better. I now hair mask twice a week and the difference is like night and day. While in the shower and after I have rinsed off the conditioner, I will apply a good size dollop of the Mango Butter Mask* to mainly the mid-length to ends of my hair and then the remainder to the top of my head. I leave this on for about 5 minutes, but this can be used as a more intensive 20 minute treatment with hair wrapped underneath a warm towel. I have not tried this yet because I like getting all of my hair masking done while I am in the shower. I could always have a bath while I'm waiting I suppose...hmm that actually sounds quite nice!

Klorane Mango Butter Collection Review

The most interesting product in this collection was the Leave-In Cream* because while this is ideally used on the ends of towel-dried hair, it can also be used DAILY on dry hair so I will use it once the night I wash my hair and the day after before styling. This cream goes right in and though at first you look at your hair and go "Oh my God it looks like I have hair from the Jersey Shore" it actually melts right into the hair and makes it look just BETTER. It's like an MLBB lipstick. MHBB!

Klorane Mango Butter Collection Review

While this was a solid dry hair line that certainly made my hair feel silky and healthy, I found that my baby hair frizz level was a bit higher than with the hair care line I was using before so I did have to use hair serums/oils in the morning on the top of my head to tame them. Other than that, the scent of all the products was fantastic and would probably do a far better job with virgin hair or at least lightly coloured-treated hair because my hair is naturally quite coarse as well as being damaged so any improvements seem smaller by perspective. If I had to pick a favourite product it would probably be the Leave-In Cream since I can maintain the silkiness on days I don't wash my hair.

You can find the Klorane Mango Collection in pharmacies across Canada and

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