NAILS | Minimalist Rainbows #CBBxManiMonday

For the month of June, the ladies and I will be doing something different with our manicures in that we have chosen 5 colours (rainbows, neons, sunset, pink and black/white/nude) and 5 themes (gradient, minimalist, matte, texture and inspired by packaging) to work with. We will each "roll the dice" to see which combination of the two we will get, but we aren't telling each other so not only will every week be a surprise for you, but it will be a surprise within our group as well! As you can tell with my combination, it initially seemed challenging to try to do an understated rainbow as rainbows on their own are loud and colourful, but leave it to a dotticure to make something look minimalist!

Nail polishes PR gifted

There isn't a whole lot to this manicure as it's so minimal, but all you really need are a couple of dotting tools in different sizes to make sure you get the gradient of dot sizes. If you have really steady hands, you might be able to control the amount of pressure you place on your nail to vary the amount of polish you deposit, but I am not that pro so I had a couple of dotting tools out to help me out!

On My Nails:

(Base Coat) Essence Gel Base Coat*
(Base) CND Vinylux Baby Smile*
(Dots) SH Insta-Dri Wild Strawberry*, SH Insta-Dri Sunset Orange*, OPI Don't Tell a Sol*, SH Insta-Dri Granny Smith Apple*, OPI Mi Casa Es Blue Casa* 
(Top Coat) Bio Sculpture Ethos Mirror Top Coat*

My hands and nails are still suffering from the dryness of handwashing and now that I am back at work, I'm not really using my hand cream since I know my hands will get washed moments later. My cuticles have been so dry that one split and started bleeding the other day as I sat typing which was a reminder for me to at least put some cuticle oil on them once or twice a day.

Happy Monday everyone and be sure to check out Renee and Trysh's blog and social media channels for their manicures! I know I will since I don't know what their combinations are!

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