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Firstly, I want to say that just because Cosmetic Proof will go back to mainly beauty content doesn't mean I am forgetting about the fact that we are in the midst of a global civil movement. This is so big and impossible to ignore without tremendous effort at this point so I will do my best to uplift brands owned by people of colour with a focus on black and indigenous ownership. For now, I will probably stick to Canadian businesses as the US exchange is awful right now but I will make exceptions if a product or brand looks promising so stay tuned for the rest of 2020 to have some more brand diversity! 

Mediheal Greenteatree Meshpeel Mask Review
 Purchased by me

Today we go back to my favourite time of the week in this space - #SheetMaskSunday as I always feel the most relaxed on Sundays whether I work or not as well the need to talk about self-care. I have featured kbeauty brand Mediheal before as they are a popular brand for sheet masks because of their incredible variety at affordable price points. Just when I think I have tried all Mediheal sheet masks, I see a new one pop up on YesStyle! I picked up the Greenteatree Meshpeel Mask when I was in Montreal over two years ago so it was DEFINITELY time to use this mask! This is bentonite clay mask with tea tree oil, green tea extract, centella asiatica extract, aloe and licorice root so not only will this mask brighten, but it's also very soothing.

Mediheal Greenteatree Meshpeel Mask Review

Little did I know this was actually clay mask because I didn't understand the instructions on the back and it wasn't until I had ripped open the package, looked at the tiny drawing of the clock that said "60 min" that I realized I had a clay mask that required anywhere from 50-60 minutes to DRY. I didn't want the mask to dry out so it was pretty late by the time I peeled this off, but with all clay sheet masks, there was no mess and all I had to do was quickly rinse and I had the smoothest, softest skin!

Mediheal Greenteatree Meshpeel Mask Review

Mask Summary:

Price: I think I paid around $7-8 CDN for it?
Scent: Tea tree oil
Essence Type: Clay
Duration: 60 minutes
Thickness: Surprisingly thin for a cotton mask coated with kaolin clay!
Mask Fit: Very good with the nose being a little long, but easily foldable
Tackiness: Zero
Hydration: You will need moisturizer, but your skin will be so smooth! My husband said it felt marble!
Other notes: Peel the mask off slowly and keep your hands as close to your skin as possible especially around the eyes.

Mediheal Greenteatree Meshpeel Mask Review

Final verdict: Yes, it did take a long time to get to the results I wanted, but they were totally worth it! When your husband actually notices a change in your skin, that's serious stuff! It was a no mess clay mask that was easy to apply and clean up and one that I would use again!

You can find this mask at various Korean e-tailers and retailers!

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