NAILS | Cadillacquer Flora (Thermal) Nail Polish

I will keep this short and sweet as it is a lovely 34 degrees Celsius here in Vancouver and again without air conditioning, it's a rough temperature to handle. For once, I am so happy to be working because I can escape the heat and live in AC for 10 hours of the day! I am currently typing with a frozen dishcloth between my thighs as I have learned from the last heat dome in June that cooling the thighs helps lower overall body temperature! That and putting a frozen towel on my head has helped GREATLY in keeping me sane as I am quite the grump in the heat! 

Purchased by me

I have been making my way through the thermal Cadillacquer polishes I picked up a few weeks ago from and with every polish I try, I fall more and more in love with the brand. I have to resist buying more polishes though as I am truly bursting at the seams when it comes to product in my place and even though I have greatly decreased my own purchases and PR packages, I have only been aggressively using products and doing my best to give things away since the start of the pandemic. I still have a long way to go, but I'm getting there! I've decided that with respect to nail polish. if I want to buy some, I need to give the same amount away. I just gave away 50 bottles to a local nail salon so I feel less guilty about buying the six bottles of Cadillacquer polish!


Flora is a flakie stunner and though the colour change isn't quite as drastic Eivor, it's still a gorgeous thermal especially when in the transition stage.


Can I say that I am proud of myself for still having this length of nail? Usually one breaks at this point and I have to cut them all down, but I've been going strong for over a month now! My right hand though? Yeah, don't look at it. That hand has nails that have been breaking constantly as it tends to be the hand that I nervously pick at if I'm upset about's a terrible habit, but my nails on that side tend to grow in weaker too. I think the only time I had longish nail on my right hand was when I was off work during the pandemic for 7 weeks. It showed me that stress was a huge factor in how long my nails were! Not saying I'm super stressed now, but going to work has its moments especially now that people are "over COVID" and have gone back to being total asshats and very entitled. Such is the retail life.


Stay cool everyone and have a great weekend!

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