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It's almost midnight as I write this and the family downstairs has decided that it is the perfect time to plug in their electric guitar and do a family sing-a-long...I don't know why no one complains and I feel like a jerk if we do since it will be pretty evident it's us since it's a small apartment complex. Luckily, I cranked up the volume on my ASMR spa videos so all I could hear were the sounds of a gua sha!

Cadillacquer Daffodils Swatch
Purchased by me

Anyway, it's hard to believe we are already at the end of the first week of April. I've had a fairly good week at work, but I am anticipating a bit more stress coming my way as my "work husband" is off on vacation for the next week. Even with a smaller team now, I realize how much we balance the work when the other is gone. I never feel like I am capable of things even though I've been doing this job for years. I always feel like he does it better especially when it comes to keeping his cool with frustrating people. I have to work really hard at my temper as I just have such a low tolerance for stupidity on the employee side. I just hate it when people don't read instructions or when they don't bother trying to solve a problem and just come to you. Don't even get me started on people who can't use computers...trying to explain to someone that a website can be accessible on both your phone AND a desktop computer was how I spent part of my day. She just thought it was one or the other...

Cadillacquer Daffodils Swatch

Before I get too carried away with work talk, here is the beautiful Cadillacquer "Daffodils" which is a bright green jelly with yellow glitter from last year's Summer Flowers collection. For a jelly, this was opaque in two coats and was a polish I wanted to pick up from NailStuff when it first launched, but I was going a bit nail polish crazy so I hung back. When it went on sale and I saw there were just a few units left, I snagged it and I am so glad I did! It's just gorgeous and perfectly spring-y!

I always feel better when I have fresh nails and I am hoping that it will help me with the next week as I am a bit apprehensive. It's hard having people talk to you or ask you questions all the time and though I kind of "signed up" for it being in management, I really don't enjoy interacting with people all day long. As a classic introvert, I need to be able to retreat a little bit so I start snapping when employees start to have what we call "stroke days". We all have our off days, but when you can't remember basic aspects of your job or better yet, create client issues because of it, it gets challenging and I get far less nice.

Cadillacquer Daffodils Swatch

 Can anyone relate to how I am feeling or have any tips on how to better cope?

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