LIFESTYLE | Five on Friday - Apr.1st - Spiderman: No Way Home, LEGO Tiger, OPUS Aperitivo Spritz, Pulled Pork and Teen Vogue Article

It's April Fools' Day, but I don't "celebrate" and generally hate this day when it comes to social media because you never know what to believe. I only like the kind of jokes that are brutally obvious like "Invisible Nail Polish" not pregnancy announcements or things that mess with people's emotions because I think that is just mean! Not too much happening this past week, but definitely five things that made me smile!


I FINALLY saw the latest (and last?) Spiderman instalment and though I was initially very angry at Spiderman for screwing everything up, seeing all three Spidermans together was very sweet, funny and entertaining especially when they were comparing notes on their abilities! I also now cannot wait for the next new Dr. Strange movie after seeing those Easter eggs at the end of the credits!


I recently finished the LEGO Majestic Tiger which is actually a 3 in 1 kit where you can choose from three different designs of what you would like to make. The Tiger is by far the coolest compared to the red panda and koi fish as it has moving joints and mouth! Here is the Tiger attacking the Lion Dance dragon from my Story of Nian set as displayed by a colleague of mine!


Made right here in Vancouver, I am always on the hunt for non-alcoholic versions of alcoholic drinks as my tolerance is pretty low for alcoholic content, but I still enjoy the taste of a lot of really popular drinks. I was exploring the Spud website a few weeks ago and saw these OPUS Aperitivo Spritz drinks that sounded tasty and they were! At 0 calories and with a super refreshing and fruity taste, I have been trying to save these for "special occasions" like a rough day at work to enjoy. There is a Gin and Tonic version as well as a new Peach Bellini that I hope Spud stocks soon!


Talking about Spud again! So, we have been using the meal service Chef's Plate for about 4.5 years now and generally love it. I choose the meals for the month and it's very rare that there is a meal that we don't like. We do 3-4 meals/week and now with food prices being the way they are, Chef's Plate doesn't seem like THAT much more as we don't do much takeout either. We usually have 1-2 days where we can cheat and grab McDs if we want, but I saw that Spud had these ready-made meals for a family of 4 which I thought we could make last for two dinners for $45 making it $11.25/serving which let's face it is not bad now. McDs is more than this as is practically any Uber meal once you factor in the tip and service fee. Our first meal was Pulled Pork with Roasted Veggies and Smashed Garlic Potatoes and it was DELICIOUS! Getting it again next week!


My nails were featured in a recent Teen Vogue article! Honestly, I didn't think anyone was paying attention to my nails any more so it was nice to have the author reach out and credit me properly! They heyday of nail art is sort of over and I think it has gone back to a more niche area so I generally feel like I am just plugging along and doing my own thing (which is TOTALLY fine). Still, this was fun to see!

Happy Friday everyone and I hope you didn't get "fooled" too much today! Have a great weekend!

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