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I have been reviewing this Sebastian Dark Oil Collection for FAR longer than I normally would because honestly, I am having a hard time moving on.  Why you ask? Well, it's because this collection of products have been so damn awesome! In fact, even though I graciously received the products below as press samples, I ended up buying the Dark Oil Hair Oil from Chatters over the weekend because I wanted MORE of this collection!

Sebastian Dark Oil Hair Collection

Press samples

Dark Oil Lightweight Shampoo and Conditioner*

Sebastian Dark Oil Hair Collection

Firstly, when it comes to this collection, it is the scent that got me and one that I would easily wear as a fragrance! It's a mixture of sandalwood and some other musky scents that lean a bit more Fall and perhaps even a little masculine, but all in this incredibly luxe way. I feel like I am using something super fancy and expensive when I smell these products!

The shampoo and conditioner contain a blend of argan and jojoba oils suitable for all hair types and promises to leave hair 3x smoother and shinier than before. It also claims to add natural body without weighing hair down. I can say that using this duo has proven these claims to be totally true! I mean, in all seriousness I thought a collection with the phrase "Dark Oil" was going to be heavy. Even the scent is heavy and when I first rinsed off the shampoo, my hair didn't really feel that smooth. In fact, it still felt tangly. Once I applied conditioner, THAT'S when my hair started to feel smoother and when I finally blow-dried and styled it, I had the right amount of volume at my roots and the lengths of my hair felt so sleek! 

Dark Oil Mask*

Sebastian Dark Oil Hair Collection

OMG, I adore this hair mask! I am currently hoarding it and using just what I need and I will be sad when it finally gets all used up, but this is just a wonderfully nourishing mask even without using the Dark Oil shampoo and conditioner. It is lightweight and works in just 2-5 minutes which is a HUGE plus since I do all of my hair masking in the shower. I can easily use this mask from root to tip (concentrating more on the mid-length to ends of my hair) without having flat roots. Using this mask in conjunction with other Dark Oil products does seem to leave my hair feeling a touch nicer though so after two months of playing around with different hair care combinations, using them all together feels the most ideal!

Dark Oil Hair Mist*
Sebastian Dark Oil Hair Collection

Like the other three products, this hair mist is also infused with argan and jojoba oils and conditions, smooths and adds shine. This can be used on either wet or dry hair making it ideal as a refresher for second or third day hair. Sadly, the scent does not last and I found that it did not really add a whole lot of extra shine to my hair. It does make my hair feel smoother which I like and I tend to use this more than the Drybar Detox Dry Conditioner as it smells so much better!

Final verdict: All in all, this collection is just all kinds of heaven for me and I will definitely be coming back to it after I finish my next hair care reviews! The scent and the results were better than I had expected and I don't normally feel scared using something else and risking not having good hair! My hair just feels and looks so nice and healthy that I can only hope that the next brand I review maintains the results the Sebastian Dark Oil collection has been able to achieve!

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