SHEET MASK | Papa Recipe Bombee Green Honey Mask Pack

The original Papa Recipe Bombee Honey Mask was the first sheet mask I tried almost six years ago that truly fit like skin. Up until that point, I don't think I had truly experienced a mask where I couldn't tell where my skin started and the sheet mask began. Since that very first mask, I have picked up EVERY Papa Recipe mask in existence and have shared all the ones I have tried here on Cosmetic Proof with a general love for them all. The Bombee Green Honey Mask Pack is no exception even though it did disappoint me in certain areas. 

Papa Recipe Bombee Green Honey Mask Pack
Purchased by me

This mask is literally green when it comes to packaging AND when it comes to the essence because the featured ingredients contain avocado, parsley and chlorophyll! I don't think I have ever seen chlorophyll in my skincare, but whether it truly does anything for human skin, I don't know. The idea is that this "plant energy" will invigorate and hydrate the skin. When it comes to the Papa Recipe masks, I really just love the royal jelly and propolis extracts as I feel they really nourish my skin and calm down any redness.

Papa Recipe Bombee Green Honey Mask Pack

Papa Recipe Bombee Green Honey Mask Pack

Here's where it got a little disappointing for me - the mask fit. If you look back at all of my other Papa Recipe posts, all of the masks fit so closely to my skin with practically no wrinkling. This mask was a bit thicker in material and had a number of wrinkles I could not smooth out.

Papa Recipe Bombee Green Honey Mask Pack

Mask Summary:

Price: $34.95/10 pack on Amazon. I picked this up as a single for about $4.

Skin concerns: Dryness, inflammation, acne-prone

Scent: Honey

Essence Type: Viscous, slightly greenish tinge

Duration: 20 minutes

Thickness: Medium

Mask Fit: The mouth was quite small and the sheet was super wrinkly no matter how much I pulled to smooth out. The nose piece was also longer and I had to fold up quite a bit. 

Tackiness: Light, but it took a solid couple of hours to absorb.

Hydration: Good! I did not feel the need to add more hydration once everything had absorbed.
Other notes:  N/A

Papa Recipe Bombee Green Honey Mask Pack

Final verdict: While the results of this mask were good, I feel the fit was a bit of a miss for me and there are so many other Papa Recipe masks that fit my face better and provide fairly similar results. I know a lot of people enjoy this mask and I can see why, but after having tried a number of Papa Recipe masks prior to this one, I can't say that I would buy this again.

You can find the Papa Recipe Bombee Green Honey Mask Pack on Amazon or through various Korean e-tailers!

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