SHEET MASK | Papa Recipe Bombee Pore Ampoule Honey Mask

Papa Recipe Pore Ampoule Honey Mask

The last Papa Recipe sheet mask I reviewed here was less than impressive compared to its siblings (Green Honey Mask) when it comes both to fit and general results which was surprising as after trying four different Papa Recipe masks all had been successes. Having said that, I got back on the Papa Recipe train when I saw the Pore Ampoule Honey mask on sale at T&T and crossed my fingers that I would be wowed!

Papa Recipe Pore Ampoule Honey Mask

What makes this mask special? As per usual, we have the trademark honey, propolis and royal jelly extract that is found in Papa Recipe honey masks. It also has the PHA, lactobionic acid which is a more gentle exfoliant than lactic acid as it is a larger molecule that takes a longer time to penetrate the skin. The main feature of this mask though is its oil-control properties using a mysteriously named and patented "Anti Sebum P" which I suspect is a couple of plant ingredients (one being evening primrose extract), but I couldn't quite figure out the rest.

Papa Recipe Pore Ampoule Honey Mask

The sheet mask material is made of rayon yarn which is soft and incredibly adhesive on the skin making the fit of this sheet mask quite lovely. You will also see that there is a slight purple tint to the mask as the essence itself had a purple hue. My guess is that one of the many floral extracts created the tint.

Papa Recipe Pore Ampoule Honey Mask

Papa Recipe Pore Ampoule Honey Mask

Mask Summary:

Price: 10/$19.99 CDN

Skin concerns: Congestion, hydration, pores

Scent: Honey

Essence Type: Watery with very slight purple hue

Duration: 20 minutes

Thickness: Thin with mask material feeling SUPER plush and soft.

Mask Fit: Sooooo nice and snug!

Tackiness: Zero

Hydration: In the colder, drier months, I might want to add a bit more moisture, but in this summer humidity, my skin is happy as a clam.

Other notes: N/A

Papa Recipe Pore Ampoule Honey Mask

Final verdict: I cannot wait to use this mask again so I am glad I bought a whole box! My skin felt healthy, smooth and textureless upon removal and is a great option for anyone who likes to add moisturizer on top!

You can find the Papa Recipe Bombee Pore Ampoule Honey Mask at T&T or most Korean retailers/e-tailers!

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