NAILS | Yet Another Glitter Gradient with the Shade Cosmetic Proof (?) #CBBxManiMonday

Indie Polish Cosmetic Proof Glitter Gradient
Purchased by me

I am tired and it is only January 10th. I know my last post started off pretty much the same way, but I feel a constant sense of anxiety (really targeted at a specific thing) and I am acutely aware that I should not let myself feel stressed about it or dread going to work which makes me even more mad at myself for feeling this way. We also have a big corporate visit next week where I need to have my game face on which always tires me out. I think I just need a solid two week vacation doing absolutely nothing! I also had to take Huxley to the vet early this morning because he has been overgrooming his crotch to the point of creating a lesion and we wanted to rule out any urinary issues. I am on "cat crotch watch" for the next three days as we have some topical steroid ointment for him so I am hoping it starts to heal nicely.

Indie Polish Cosmetic Proof Glitter Gradient

I have had this glitter polish for almost 10 years at this point and it was actually a polish created by Tanya from Indie Polish way back when we started the CBB. We each were able to create a custom nail polish with our blog names and then ordered a couple of bottles to use personally or for giveaways. I think I did a giveaway, but never actually wore the polish myself - until now! I asked for magenta glitter as it is one of my favourite colours and finally my favourite colour lines up with the Pantone Colour of the Year!

This manicure was pretty quick to do (as most of my nail art is these days) and I love the colour clash of the purple (NOPI x Selena Gomez "Love Song") and the magenta! I did need to use a makeup sponge to concentrate the glitter, but other than that, I was happy to see that after all this time, this polish still applied beautifully without the colour from the glitter bleeding into the lacquer base.

Indie Polish Cosmetic Proof Glitter Gradient

Have a wonderful week everyone and be sure to check out Renee and Trysh's blogs for their manicures this week!

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