NAILS | Layla Ceramic Effect Red Jelly Flakie CE53 Swatch

Layla Ceramic Effect Red Jelly Flakie CE53 Swatch
Purchased by me

I have been going back to my nail polish stash and looking and so many of the beautiful untrieds in my collection that thankfully are still usable! I definitely went crazy in the first few years and basically got every colour in every finish and tried to stay on top of the latest trends, but over the last 5 years I have noticed that there haven't been a lot of truly innovative changes in the nail polish world and it's really the same colours over and over again. Maybe a little darker, warmer, brighter, but nonetheless the same. I feel like 10 years ago, there were some really different nail polish finishes out there like the flakie! The flakie is still one of my favourites and gets me every time I see one!

Layla Ceramic Effect Red Jelly Flakie CE53 Swatch

I am pretty sure this polish is no more as I have seen swatches of this back in 2012 which is what spurred me to pick it up when I saw it in the bargain bin at London Drugs probably 8 years ago. There is no name, but instead the number "CE53" on the top of the cap, but I will never forget how vibrant this red is! Look at it! This was opaque in one coat, so it's a shame I didn't pick up more of these when they were being sold. I remember these polishes being around $12 at the drugstore which I still think is pretty pricey! 

Layla Ceramic Effect Red Jelly Flakie CE53 Swatch

As for my week, I made it! I still have so much catching up to do, but I have realized it is partly because I don't delegate. I don't really like delegating work because I always feel like even if people have been shown the right way to do it, that they take the path of least resistance and are lazy about it so I end up having to double check the work anyway. I have some good people and then some not so good people which is the case in any work environment, but I find it so annoying that people can be that disengaged. I guess we could turn it around and say that as management we need to create the environment where people want to be their best, but we have tried so many things and they work for a time and then fall to the wayside again so it's tiring for us to keep trying to keep things running while also trying to find ways to inspire the team. I'm not a cheerleader at heart, so if I give a lot, I need to "re-fuel" which can be difficult in my position as there are few sources to do so. I have found that being at home and blogging can be a source of strength hence my writing here all these years about beauty and all of the bits in between. 

I hope everyone is enjoying their weekend! 

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