SHEET MASK | SNP Gold Collagen Ampoule Mask #LunarJanuary

SNP Gold Collagen Ampoule Mask

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I will be honest. It is the first week of 2023 and I feel like I never had any sort of break even with a quiet NYE and NYD. I have only worked four days so far and I feel like I have been beaten with things to do despite leaving my desk fairly pristine on Dec.30th and it's mainly because everything that "could wait until next year" that I couldn't do anything about has arrived. I am also finding work very challenging and difficult to navigate at the moment. I know that sounds cryptic, but this is a blog that everyone reads and while I could just keep it all to myself, I think anyone can relate to things at work feeling overwhelming sometimes. Thank God for my sheet masks, right? Although, I have found that because I do sheet masking so often now, they have become more routine than relaxation so I think I need to find a new way to vent. Maybe this is a post for another time!

SNP Gold Collagen Ampoule Mask

What makes this SNP Gold Collagen Mask so special? There is 0.3mg of gold in the essence as well as 1000mg of hydrolyzed collagen! While I have always been a little hesitant about actual gold in my skincare, I still get a little mesmerized when I see little gold flakes on my face!

SNP Gold Collagen Ampoule Mask

While the packaging looks a little dated and not that fancy, the mask material is on the more luxurious side and feels thick and plushy. It also looks to have a fairly tight weave.

SNP Gold Collagen Ampoule Mask

Mask Summary:

Price: $19.99 CDN/10 masks

Skin concerns: Dryness

Scent: Floral cotton

Essence Type: Viscous, clear with gold flakes

Duration: 20 minutes

Thickness: Medium, but the material soaked up a lot of essence allowing the mask to fit well. 

Mask Fit: Very good!

Tackiness: Very light

Hydration: Pretty good and depending on how dry your skin is, you might need just a touch of moisturizer on top. I used this mask once in the summer and didn't need any, but in the winter I did.

Other notes: Massage in the gold flakes left on the skin upon mask removal!

SNP Gold Collagen Ampoule Mask

Final verdict: For the price and the results you get from this mask, I am already on the hunt for another box as I only have two masks left! This mask is an SNP classic and if you are ok with a bit of a stronger fragrance I highly recommend having this mask in your arsenal. I basically have a box of masks that are just constant repurchases and THIS is one of them!

You can find the SNP Gold Collagen Ampoule Mask at various retailers online and in-store like T&T where I got mine!

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