SKINCARE | Stoic Beauty Hydration Duo Bundle Featuring Thalassa and Agathos #LunarJanuary

Stoic Beauty Hydration Duo Bundle

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For the last three years, I have tried to be more mindful of what beauty products I use in an effort to both reduce just the sheer amount of STUFF in my office and support more Canadian brands. This has actually been quite refreshing to do as I have discovered some beautiful brands with thoughtful ingredients and formulations. I think I first spotted Canadian brand Stoic Beauty on someone's IG unboxing and filed it away as one of the brands I would need to get to at some point as I have made it a point to not buy any more unless I use something up! It keeps me honest! Lucky for me, I still blog enough to be on press lists (haha!) and I was given the opportunity to try out the new for Lunar New Year Hydration Duo! 

As Stoic Beauty is new to the blog, what makes this brand special? The number one thing that stood out to me is the fact that all of their products are water-safe meaning that all the ingredients used are biodegradable and do not bioaccumulate in marine life. The second thing that I love about Stoic Beauty is that they are based in Toronto with formulation and production happening at their lab in Mississauga! Everything is truly local! Oh, and not only is it local, but it is also a bit of a family business with Stoic Beauty being founded by mother and daughter team Dr. Jolanta Wodzinska and Maria Wodzinska with Dr. Wodzinska being in charge of formulation with a PhD from U of T in organic chemistry so definitely an educational background that would be helpful in these circumstances!

Thalassa | Deep Hydration Face and Scalp Serum*

Stoic Beauty Hydration Duo Bundle

For the Year of, specifically the water Rabbit, Stoic Beauty has launched a new hydration duo consisting of the Thalassa Deep Hydration Face and Scalp Serum and Agathos Pro-Aging Blueberry and Plum Oil Serum.

This the first time I have seen a serum for both the scalp and face and it is a nice one! This is a non-greasy formulation made with lavender water, hyaluronic acid and clary extract which improves skin barrier function and prevents water loss. There is also calming blueberry oil which makes this serum smell so lovely! This is a serum that is used right after cleansing and especially after washing your hair. When used on my scalp, I immediately feel a refreshing cooling sensation along with relief as my scalp is usually quite dry. In the mornings, this is a serum that plays well with makeup as it gives a perfectly smooth primer finish!

Agathos | Pro-Aging Blueberry and Plum Oil Serum*
Stoic Beauty Hydration Duo Bundle

Agathos is an intensely moisturizing face oil for more mature skin consisting of jojoba seed, camellia, grapeseed, plum, blueberry, rosehip and Vitamin E oil along with squalane from olives. Two drops is all I need when I use it as my final step in my skincare routine and it gives my skin a gorgeous glow that even my husband saw! He actually asked me "Why are you so glowy?" Do I REALLY need a reason? It takes about an hour or two to absorb, but does not feel uncomfortably greasy at all. Younger or more oily skin types might find this oil to be a bit much though.

Stoic Beauty Hydration Duo Bundle

Final verdict: As this was my first foray into Stoic Beauty, I was delightfully pleased as the serums were easy to use and integrate easily into my existing skincare routine. They smelled wonderful (no added fragrance of course) and knowing they are safe for the waterways is a plus. I love the multi-purpose aspect of the Thalassa and the price point of all the products is incredible for the ingredients and formulations you are experiencing! This will not be the last time you see Stoic Beauty here! 

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