SHEET MASK | Missha Ice Sorbet Cooling Brightening Sheet Mask

Missha Ice Sorbet Cooling Brightening Sheet Mask
Purchased by me

This is another mask from the archives back when I took pictures of EVERY mask I used, BUT I actually still had extras of the Missha Ice Sorbet mask so even though it has been awhile since the photos were taken (my hair was in its smoky blue phase), the experience is still quite fresh! I try to buy at least two of each mask I plan on reviewing as sometimes I don't use a mask correctly or I can't quite remember the experience! 

Now, we are not quite in the right season for a mask that apparently can lower your skin temperature up to 6 degrees, but with Vancouver's recent snow and colder weather an "icy" mask seemed fitting!

Missha Ice Sorbet Cooling Brightening Sheet Mask

What makes this mask special? This main selling feature of this mask is that it is able to maintain a "perfect skin temperature" of 31°C using a gelatinous jello-like sheet mask material called "Lan Seal". This material is able to effectively absorb ingredients and deliver them more effectively to the skin while also calming irritated skin with a blend of glacial water and lotus extract. This material also does not dry out as quickly as a cotton sheet mask so you can keep this on for longer if you would like. 

This is a material that I have encountered previously with SNP's Active Seal Masks and Wishful Skincare and it is an unusual, but effective one giving skin a complete blast of hydration. The material is also oddly heavy due to the gelatinous material weighing the mask down. It's not a bad thing, but just something interesting.

Missha Ice Sorbet Cooling Brightening Sheet Mask

I don't think there is anything too special about the ingredients, but it is a short list so perhaps the featured glacier water and lotus extract have more an effect than it looks like they would. 

I am sure the number one thing you are wondering is whether my skin felt like it was inside of freezer and amazingly, this was NOT the "coolest" sheet mask I have tried! A hydrogel mask or the Sephora Freezing mask (review) was far more cooling! In terms of facial temperature, this mask felt just like a regular sheet mask.

Mask Summary:

Price: $3 USD

What it does: Brightens and cools the skin 

Scent: Slightly floral

Essence Type: Watery and clear

Duration: 20 minutes

Thickness: Similar to a classic hydrogel mask

Mask Fit: Very nice!

Tackiness: Light

Hydration: Refreshing and moisturizing

Other notes: There was barely any essence left in the package once the mask was removed.

Missha Ice Sorbet Cooling Brightening Sheet Mask

Final verdict: The texture was very interesting and though these masks are possibly discontinued now, this concept still exists with other brands. This is very hydrating mask though so be prepared to wait around a little while it all sinks in! The price was very reasonable and if I were to come across these masks again, I would definitely grab more! 

I got mine at Beautytap which no longer sells Kbeauty stuff, but for alternatives try Wishful's Thirst Trap and SNP's Active Seal Masks!

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