NAILS | Spring Flowers with REAL Flowers! #CBBxManiMonday

The Hungry Asian Kiwi Smoothie Swatch
Purchased by me about a million years ago

As I write this, I am battling a sore throat and slight ear ache and have had to take a sick day as I don't want anyone else sick and I have a busy week coming up! Before COVID, I think MANY of us would work through a cold, flu or any of those "pre-cold" symptoms, but now I would rather have staff stay home if they feel even the slightest bit sick since we are such a small team and even having two people gone can be stressful. I am hoping to be somewhat better by Monday and so far, I have gargled with saltwater, drank 4 mugs of lemon ginger tea with honey and unfortunately have had to check my email a few times as I had appointments today that I obviously couldn't make! I feel a nap coming on though!

The Hungry Asian Kiwi Smoothie Swatch

This shade of mint green is called "Kiwi Smoothie" and was made by the now defunct Hungry Asian indie polish company well known for their delicate glitter polishes with unusual shades of glitter. I bought a mini bottle from Etsy and I am surprised the polish is still workable! A little goopy at times, but not bad at all for a polish that is around 10 years old! It just goes to show how good the formula is! I love the little bits of matte black glitter that are reminiscent of Cadbury Mini Eggs.

I then added some REAL dried flowers which were awful to work with even with tweezers and many MANY flowers were crushed and unusable by the end of this! I do like how the nails turned out in the end and they have lasted a week with all of the flowers staying intact!

The Hungry Asian Kiwi Smoothie Swatch

Happy Monday everyone and be sure to check out Renee and Trysh's blogs for their manicures this week!

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