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LIFESTYLE | Influenster Spring Vibes Voxbox

Influenster and I go way back to the very first Canadian Voxbox in 2013 (here for memory-sake) and to be honest, I don't feature them on the blog all that often because of two reasons - one, I never get chosen for any of the makeup Voxboxes and two, the requirements for getting badges is now a bit insane and while I don't mind featuring a few things on my social media feeds, I refuse to put laundry detergent on my primarily Instagram beauty feed. I also believe that I am no longer part of the demographic selected for makeup as you can see that MOST people who are chosen are millennials. While I am a tail-end millennial, I usually get surveys for skincare because obviously someone in their 30s is all about anti-aging and not a Kat Von D lip liner! Don't get me wrong, Influenster gave me a Keurig once two years ago so THAT was pretty sweet. Maybe when I hit 50, I'll get sent red Corvettes or 20-something boy toys. It'll give a whole new meaning to the "box" in Voxbox.

Influenster Spring Vibes Voxbox Review

Let's admit that when it comes to Influenster, there are tasks we have to do that get us points and the chance to qualify for even MORE Voxboxes. This blog post, though not mandatory, is for all the glory. It's also fun to write about something so casually that is more than just beauty products so like many of you who also received this Voxbox, I was oddly excited to have a combination of beauty and food. It's not like anything in this box was particularly expensive or rare, but seeing those press-on nails alongside that macaroni and cheese was like the highlight of my day. This Voxbox almost felt more like a care package which is probably why I was loving it.

Influenster Spring Vibes Voxbox Review

The imPRESS Press-On Manicure was among the first set of Influenster products I qualified for back when Klout existed and truly are one of the best sets of fake nails I have ever seen. There are a variety of lengths, patterns and ways to customize a manicure to truly feel like you actually "did" your nails. I love painting my nails so I rarely wear press-ons, but if you just need some party nails for a night out, THESE should be your go-to. Their seasonal designs are muy brilliante with Halloween and Christmas being some of my all-time most favourites! They also LAST like nobody's business. You can even shower these!

The other thing that was kind of cheesy that came with this Voxbox was this Ebates-themed Popsocket. I gave it to my husband to use because his phone is quite large and he tends to watch and read on it often. Surprisingly, he has come to love how much more comfortable his phone is to hold when scrolling Reddit!

Ebates is probably one of the best cash back services I have ever used. Before Ebates, I was shopping online at places that took Aeroplan, but now with Ebates I can shop at those same places, but get actual CASH back instead! Why WOULDN'T anyone do this? It SOUNDS too good to be true, but it is seriously that easy. I get a cheque every fiscal quarter from predominantly Sephora purchases and I feel like the $40-$50 is a bonus as I would have shopped at Sephora anyway so why not get something back from it?

Influenster Spring Vibes Voxbox Review

This NIVEA Q10 Firming Body Oil is the newest product from NIVEA and like all of their products, the scent of this is oh so lovely and comforting. It isn't overly greasy, but isn't a dry oil either. You really feel like you need to work this into your skin with a massage, but it doesn't feel like work at all. All I can say about this product is that I enjoyed it much more than I thought I would!

Influenster Spring Vibes Voxbox Review

FOOD! I'm not going to get a chance to complete all of the badges for these brands because my husband ate the Harvest Nature Granola bars while I was at work so no Instagram selfie of these bars for me! I was really hungry a few nights after I received this Voxbox that I tore into the Annie's Mac and Cheese and the Nescafe coffee...well I have one packet left so at least you will see a picture of that! Asian coffee packs are like a breakfast staple so I have grown up with this type of product and expected "white people coffee" to be similar, but boy was I wrong! Asian coffee, while containing some caffeine, does not give the same wake up buzz as regular coffee. It's more like something sweet and warm to drink in the mornings that just makes you feel all fuzzy inside. Like Hello Kitty.

Influenster Spring Vibes Voxbox Review

Who still has food left from their Voxbox? What are your thoughts on Influenster's selection process?

This Voxbox was provided free by Influenster.

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