February 2012 Glymm Box

 Hi Ladies!

What better time to get a post on my February Glymm box than on the last day of February! I just received mine this past Monday and I guess I was just relieved to finally have mine in my hands! I was also really excited to try the Mai Couture bronzing papers ever since I saw the blush papers given out in the MyGlam bags, but I was a little sad that there were only two papers! If there were more, I could have at least tested one, but now I feel I have to find the right moment to use it! They'll be my precioussss for now...











The items I received in this month's Glymm were:

Sula - Natural Eyeshadow in the shade "Smoke and Mirrors" (full size 0.15oz/$8.00)
Burt's Bees - Tinted Lip Balm in the shade "Hibiscus" (full size 4.25g/$7.99)
Glamglow - Tingling and Exfoliating Mud Mask (full size 50mL/$78.00)
Mai Couture - 2 - 1 Oil Blotting/Bronzing Papier (full size 100 sheets/$24.00)

You can see in my swatch of "Smoke and Mirrors" that it is a soft-looking grey with a very slight shimmer to it. The packaging is very cute with little butterflies fluttering all over the front. I'm not sure whether I like this shade yet as I feel like it might be a little bit light on me, but I don't own a light grey like this, so it'll be fun to experiment. 

The Burt's Bees lip balm has actually been something that I've been curious about for years, but never really got around to buying. The first thing that surprised me was that because of the packaging, I always thought these lip balms were like giant ones! Like those crazy huge Lipsmackers that you could practically moisturize both your upper and lower lips at once, but no! It's just a regular-sized lip balm packaged inside a large cardboard tube which I thought was kind of weird. "Hibiscus" is actually a really nice coral colour, is really moisturizing and smells good! 

Next up is the Glamglow Mud Mask which is a mask that caters to Hollywood stars and is supposed to tingle, tighten and lighten skin in 15 minutes. It's made with volcanic rock, French sea clay and real pieces of green tea leaf that will make my skin "super sexy and super radiant". I never really thought my skin could be sexy, but I guess I'll ask my bf whether I'm sexier  after using the mask ;-) The only thing that kind of turns me off this product is that it has all the different types of parabens in it...it's funny how I'm willing to tolerate one type of paraben, but not five. I'll still give it a go though since I am curious about its immediate effects.

Last, but not least, the Mai Couture blotting/bronzing papier. The idea of being able to blot and bronze on the go is a neat one, but it is a fairly expensive product for a sheet that you use once and have to throw out. For $24, I would think that you could probably just buy a bronzer that would probably last you more than 100 days (assuming you use one sheet per day) and a pack of oil-blotting sheets. It's definitely the convenience of use that you pay for.

Sula Eyeshadow *FULL SIZE* = $8.00
Burt's Bees Lip Balm *FULL SIZE* = $7.99
Glamglow Mud Mask - 7mL = $10.92
Mai Couture Papiers - 2 sheets = $0.48
Total Value of Glymm Box = $27.39

Although the box value wasn't as high as others, I enjoyed the predominantly makeup products in this Glymm box. It's like it was all about having a pretty face this month! I also loved that once more, all four of these products were items I had never tried before so yay!


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    1. Thank you! "Gaga for Green" has become one of my favourites!

  2. I didn't realize the glamglow had all those parabens! It's funny how they are promoting such a chic product with ingredients from nature and then it's stuffed full of parabens. Although, I hear the jury is still out on the effects, but I don't think it's the best thing in any case.

    1. I know, nothing's been proven about these parabens yet, but I think now we're all trying our best to avoid using products with them in it. I was reading two journal papers - one from about 10 years ago and another within the last 3 years and 10 years ago, researchers said that when a lotion with parabens was applied onto the skin, it stayed on the surface and never got absorbed by the body. Now, researchers have redone the experiment and when they tested people's urine, there were trace amounts of parabens in the urine after using a paraben product. They do leave our system eventually which is good, but I think the fear is if you use ALOT of paraben products, over time what the effects would be...

  3. Wow can't believe how late you got your box! Hopefully it comes sooner next month. Have you used the mud mask yet? I found mine to be quite abrasive on my face (maybe it's just me!).
    Love your posts as always!

    1. It came sooo late! I have not tried the mud mask yet. Maybe I'll try it when I get home from work tonight and see if it's "rough" on my skin too.

  4. Lucky! I'm still waiting for mine. Hopefully I'll have it in my hot little hands tomorrow. Great review!

    1. Hope you have yours now and can't wait to see your review!

  5. looks like Glymm was pretty late with their Feb boxes, wow! However, all the samples this month look good to me except the eye shadow, which is just a personal colour thing. Overall, Glymm def had more things I would use this month than glossybox, even though glossybox came with 6 samples! I am hoping glossybox turns around this month..

    1. Yeah, I wasn't too crazy about the eyeshadow either...it's a little bland for me. I wonder what Glossybox will be like this month seeing as how they have feedback from us now!