February Glossybox – First Canadian Edition

Hello beauty box lovers!

So, at least we have it, the long awaited Glossybox! I've been eyeing this company ever since I saw what Glossybox UK was giving out to their clients and when I saw that they actually were an international subscription sample company from Germany, I immediately signed up for updates on when Glossybox would be coming to Canada. Now, my Glossybox cherry has been popped!

I know there has been some disappointment between these "press boxes" and us regulars and I do think there really shouldn't have been such a difference because I think all of us were expecting an Essie nail polish or something equivalent. Anyway, I was lucky enough to receive the Essie nail polish even though I am the farthest thing from "press"! 

What I REALLY loved which everyone has commented on is the packaging! The box is a pale pink and really solid! The cardboard is super thick and definitely something I could use for storage (yay nail polishes!). Glossybox even included labels so now I can sort my glitter polishes from my creams! I can't wait to get more Glossyboxes! In addition to the labels was a welcome card and a special discount code for Beauty So Clean cosmetic wipes.

And here it is!



In this month's box, I received:

Ahava Mineral Body Cream (full size 250mL for $28)
Elizabeth Grant Skin Care Moisturizing Stick (full size 5g for $12)
Essie nail polish in Neo Whimsical (full size 13.8mL for $9.99)
Oscar de le Renta "Live in Love" Perfume (full size 30mL for $62)
Elizabeth Arden Prevage Day Anti-Aging Restorative Cream (full size 50mL for $160)
*BONUS*  Beauty So Clean Sanitizing Wipes and Mist (full size 48 wipes for $12.50 and 125mL for $15.99)

I'm really quite pleased with my Glossybox and I think I still would have been even if I hadn't gotten the nail polish because God knows that I don't need more at my current count of 130+ bottles! Thankfully, it is in a colour that I don't own so it's not a dupe for me. Getting the Ahava body cream was sort of a nice way to complement the Ahava hand cream those of us with Glymm boxes received in December's Glymm box. I do love lip balm so the Elizabeth Grant moisturizing stick will be a new obsession for me I'm sure. The lip balm is flesh-coloured, but goes on clear and gives your lips a silky smoothness. I LOVE mini perfume bottles, but this scent as nice as it is, definitely smells like an older person's scent...I think I'll stick with Prada Candy for now. I'm turning 29 this year, so anti-aging products are always welcome! I'll gladly use my Elizabeth Arden cream! And as for the sanitizing wipes, I actually do have a couple of samples already, but have only used one. I don't know if this is something I would ever buy, but I guess they're nice to have around just in case. I don't think cosmetic wipes are really that necessary unless they are testers or samples...sorry Beauty So Clean...

Ahava - 40mL = $4.48
Elizabeth Grant - 3.5g = $8.40
Essie - full size = $9.99
Oscar de la Renta - 4mL = $8.27
Elizabeth Arden - 7mL = $22.40
Beauty So Clean - 4 wipes = $1.04 and 8mL =  $1.02
Total Value of Glossybox = $55.60

I totally think I lucked out with the coveted Essie nail polish or maybe it's because I signed up within hours of Glossybox announcing their presence Canada, I have no idea, but thanks Glossybox and I am looking forward to March! 


  1. Awww, that's so nice of you to say! I just love any samples in general so I think I would have been happy with the Wella shampoo too seeing as how I've never tried it. Happy Valentine's to you too!!

  2. The Elizabeth Grant lip balm is TERRIFIC. I'd say it's better than EOS. I've always had problem with chapped lips in the winter time, but this lip balm keeps my lips moisturised and smooth. And it has a refreshing smell of honeydew and cucumber! Yum!

  3. WOW! truly amazing! I subscribed for the march edition and I CAN"T WAIT! :D

    1. Can't wait to see what you get in March's Glossybox!

  4. They have the BeautySoClean products! I love their products. They're amazing to help sanitize your makeup. I especially love their sanitizing mist. It's great. I'm so looking forward to getting a Glossybox!

    1. Oooh, I have not tried the sanitizing mist, but I will try it now! Let me know what you get in your March Glossybox!