NOTD – Barielle's - Buddha-ful

Hi all,

After slowing down a little on the nail polish purchasing, I picked up just ONE Barielle at Winners last week because I thought this was a unique-looking nail polish what with the flakies in a light pink base. I should have guessed that this would be extremely sheer so it would have been better if I had layered it over top a light pink polish, but in this picture I've done 3 coats. I do like the iridescence the flakies provide, but I'd like to try this polish again layered with something else.

P.S. Yoshi kindly lent himself as a background ;-)


  1. Interesting colour! I've seen this and passed it up before, might have to give it another look...
    PS, nice hearts :)

    1. Yes, that's exactly the word,"interesting" you can tell from my latest post I got sick of the them already!