February 2012 Luxe Box


So, this month's Luxe Box is a special one with its bright red packaging and collaboration with Flare magazine. I guess the collaboration allowed for more high end items in this month's Luxe Box? It was all very cute and I was excited as always when it arrived 4 days before the scheduled delivery date!

This month I received:

Mereadesso Beautiful Body Balm (full size 200mL for $54)
Lise Watier 24 Hours Glam Mascara (full size 8mL for $22)
Redken Color Extend (full size shampoo 300mL for $15 and conditioner 250mL for $17)
CK One Shock For Her (full size 50mL for $45 and 100mL for $65)
*Bonus* Mereadesso Face and Neck Toning Gel (full size 50mL for $120!!)

My favourite product in this month's Luxe Box has to be the rollerball CK One perfume! I almost bought it the other day at Shoppers, but I already had Prada Candy in my hands so I thought getting two perfumes at once was a little indulgent...I do love rollerballs because I can actually see myself using them up in my lifetime and they easily slip in my purse. It's a sweet, youthful scent that is described so colourfully as a "fierce bouquet of passion flower, pink peony and jeweled poppy flower and deepens with blackberry, jasmine and narcisse flower drizzled with a liquid chocolate accord with an addictive signature that finishes with magnetic ambers enveloped in vanillin and patchouli wrapped in second skin musk". Dear God, that was long...

I have yet to try any Mereadesso products so I'm glad that I will get to now, but man are they ever expensive! What I found interesting is that the woman behind this company has degrees in chemistry and botany and has used her knowledge to develop a skincare line full of sciencey goodness. When I went to the Mereadesso website, what I found nice is that next to each product is the amount of time it should last (possibly to justify the luxurious price tag!). The full size body balm should last 6 - 8 weeks and then full size toning gel should last up to 4 months.

As for the mascara, another product I have yet to try, but I seriously have soooo much mascara now!! I'm never going to be able to get through it all! Most of them are samples, but still when you have 10 sample sizes of mascara, it's still a lot! I feel like mascara is given out so frequently as bonuses! At any rate, what sets this Lise Watier mascara apart from the others is its elastic polymer formula and FlexiQueen brush. I did notice that the brush was very flexible and bouncy. 

I've used Redken products in the past, so the shampoo/conditioner wasn't THAT exciting for me. It's nice that Loose Button gave three sample packs, but I'm sure I'm not the only one that despises these types of pouches! You're in the shower, your hands are wet and you'll be damned if you can get into that silly little packet! Grrr!

Mereadesso Body Balm 30mL = $8.10
Mereadesso Toning Gel 7mL = $16.80
Lise Watier Mascara 5mL = $13.75
Redken Shampoo 10mL x 3 = $1.50 Conditioner 10mL x 3 = $2.04
CK One Perfume 10mL =  $6.50 (I used the 100mL size to minimize on price inflation) I also don't think this is quite accurate seeing as how in most rollerball perfumes, there is about 10mL of fragrance and the cost averages around $20 so I almost want to say that this sample is actually more like a $20 value!
Total Value of Luxe Box = $48.69 or $62.19 depending on the way you look at the CK One sample!

Either way, the value of the box was great, the perfume was really something that I loved and the Mereadesso products will be a fun indulgence :-)


  1. Looks like an improvement from LuxeBox!!! great box! I look forward to receiving my Glymm box next week. It's been sooo delayed :(

    1. I know...I'm supposed to get my Glymm one this Friday...

  2. Glad to hear that you liked your LuxeBox - I was a little disappointed in mine... I didn't get the rollerball and instead got Morroccanoil. Love the review!

    1. Thank you! I've gotten the Morroccanoil in the past, but that was too bad that you couldn't use it. I use mine fairly often, but I guess the boxes will be hit or miss sometimes. Hopefully next month's box will have more products that you'll love!

  3. Oh, you're welcome! I knew nothing about Mereadesso so it was nice to learn a little about them.

  4. My Feb luxe box was quite different - if you want to see my review check out: http://citygirl55.blogspot.com/ I do wish I got the mascara though - I'm actually running out!

  5. Haha I made reference to not being able to open the Redken samples in the shower in my blog post too! So frusterating but glad I'm not the only one!

    1. You are not the only one! BTW, love the blog!