I’m a CLEAN Girl

Hi girls!

I just thought I'd share how obsessed I am with anything CLEAN! I just love the smell of laundry and soap which is what got me hooked a few years back. I also really love the scents of CLEAN Ultimate and Shower Fresh. It all just smells so fresh and well...clean! They also have a lot of paraben-free products as marked on their packaging. I know this is the kind of scent that isn't for everyone though, but I love it! I also have the rollerball versions of the perfumes and the moisturizing hand sanitizer. I was buying most of the CLEAN products from Sephora which was sooo expensive, so when I saw ALL of this stuff at Winners for a fraction of the price I couldn't pass it up! 


I have yet to open/try this, but I have my fingers crossed that it will be good! 

Body powder is something that I started using a few years ago and even though I don't use it all the time, sometimes it's nice to use after a shower or just as a quick refresher during the day. It comes with a large body puff that you can pat your whole body with and of course smells fantastic!



Three body souffles and a Shower Fresh bath and shower gel. I had to have them all!

Anyone else a CLEAN girl?


  1. what a fantastic haul! I love CLEAN too x

    1. I was sooo happy when I saw all this CLEAN stuff at bargain prices! Such a great scent!

  2. I have to admit I have never even heard of this brand! What do you like about it? Is it just the scents that make it fantastic? I am glad you found it at Winners- I love finding brands I love there for cheap!!

    1. I just love the scent so much! I've never smelled anything like them. Their stuff just reminds me of fresh laundry and how you feel when you come out of the shower.