Swatch – China Glaze “Gaga For Green”

Hello Beauties!

Now that the spring/summer nail polish lines have been released, we've been surrounded by almost nothing but these beautiful, bright, opaque cremes that are slowly making its way into my glitter-covered heart. Yesterday, I picked up China Glaze's "Gaga For Green" from their Electropop collection and man is it nice! I applied two coats and a China Glaze Fast Forward Topcoat, but now looking at the pictures, I could have used three coats since you can still see my nail line underneath. I definitely don't own a green polish like this and what I love about it is that's it's a bright green that's not neon. It has a sort of yellowy undertone to it that makes it soft and still Spring - appropriate.    



  1. This is a beautiful green!! :D I love China Glaze! ^-^

    1. I love them too! They have such great colours this season!