Review: Moroccanoil Shampoo and Conditioner

Hello hello!

I received samples of Moroccanoil shampoo and conditioner in December's Luxe Box and decided to test them out while I was away in Montreal since they were essentially travel sized. I HATED them BOTH in Montreal because I had such a hard time rinsing the product out of my hair because the water there is a lot harder than back home. After a week of having sticky feeling hair, I switched to something else and didn't think I'd come back to Moroccanoil until about two weeks ago when I decided to give it another go in softer water. Believe me, I didn't want to like this product because it's expensive...but dammit, I love it. I've had two weeks of the nicest feeling hair and I even had a co-worker ask me if I'd had a haircut because my layers looked so fresh and bouncy. In reality, the last time I'd had a haircut was at the beginning of last November...

I don't know if I'd use Moroccanoil shampoo/conditioner once summer rolls around since the weather isn't quite as dry, but for now it has made my hair look and feel sooo nice! I've been using the travel sizes for almost 3 weeks now so a little goes a long way! My hair is just past my shoulders so it's not like I have super short hair. I'm impressed with how long these bottles have lasted! Anyone else tried Moroccanoil shampoo/conditioner?


  1. I only have the Moroccanoil light for my hair that I leave in and blow dry - have never tried any other products in their line, but now this post has piqued my interest in trying more of their products.

    1. I love the Moroccanoil light! I use it in conjunction with blow drying as well and I really like it. I honestly didn't think I'd like the shampoo/conditioner so I was pleasantly surprised!