What’s on my Dresser?

Hi Kitkats!

This is just a short little post on my recent reorganization of what's currently on my dresser. I picked up the silver tray from Birks and was using it as a centerpiece for my coffee table, but then realized that it would be much more useful as a tray for my perfumes and other cosmetic paraphernalia! I also have my Cake hand cream which I always apply while I'm getting ready for work because my hands are so dry in the mornings and my CLEAN body souffle that I apply immediately after showering.


In the little ceramic pen holder (on sale at Indigo for $3 now!) are my roll-ons which were literally rolling all over my dresser up until last week! 

In here are all of my hand creams, most of which are the L'Occitane ones...I need to stop buying them...I think I have 10 now...

And then in here are my aromatherapy essential oils from The Body Shop and Escents to use in my diffuser.

Anyway, I hope that was interesting for you all. I was just proud of how much more contained everything was once I put it all on the silver tray. Until next time!


  1. Ooh I love posts like these! :D I don't know why but I find them fascinating. ^-^

  2. great post! love to see other people's way of organizing things :)

    1. I love seeing that too so that's why I thought I'd share!

  3. great post, love how you organized everything xo