Hey Hey Hey, It’s Julep’s Holly!


Today I bring you a shade that I don’t normally wear. Julep’s “Holly” is kind of pearly slightly blushed light pink that I’m wearing by request Winking smile. I couldn’t quite capture how pink this polish was, because it really is subtle. To be honest, I don’t actually feel very comfortable wearing a polish this light. I feel so naked and exposed and I am fighting a very strong urge to paint some sort of nail art all over because I feel so bare! I found application to be a little streaky and I had issues making everything look even. I wish I loved this colour more than I do right now…the swatches looked so different online! It looked so much more pink on some other blogs…anyway what I have on is 3 coats of “Holly” and a topcoat. I dunno, what do you gals think? 



  1. This is really lovely!! :D

  2. oooooo it's almost white, but not really, but close enough to use as a white! nice!

  3. I think this color looks really nice on you! :D

  4. I agree...I've already added some nail art to it because I felt so naked with it!