New to My Makeup Bag: Everyday Minerals

I heard about Everyday Minerals back in 2008 from a friend who had tried out a sampler pack of theirs and had nothing but positive things to say about the products. Four years later, I decided that maybe now might be a good time to try out the brand! I use quite a lot of mineral makeup in my makeup routine so I’m always open to trying a new brand that isn’t crazy expensive like some of the other ones out there.

For those of you who may not be familiar with Everyday Minerals, it was founded by Carina Menzies and are based in Austin, Texas. They pride themselves on providing women with affordable all-natural, vegan, cruelty-free makeup embracing femininity, sustainability and preservation of natural resources.

I know appearances aren’t everything, but the first thing I really liked was their website. I immediately was drawn to the somewhat ethereal look and the hand-drawn lines and fonts. The site is very Bohemian in theme and makes me want to wear their makeup and prance in a meadow with flowers in my hair. Anyway, the REALLY great thing about Everyday Minerals is that you can just try a couple of their products for $0.01 and just pay for the shipping which is around $3 – 4. You just go to “Custom Kits”, then to “Try It” to choose 7 samples. They come in these great RE-SEALABLE little pouches with a happy pink bunny (representing a product that is cruelty free and vegan) on the front. You can choose anything from foundation and concealers to bronzers, blush and eyeshadows. I basically chose one of every type of product they offered so I’d have a good range of things. You are more than welcome to focus your attention on more specific products.
Of course,  I couldn’t just stop at the free sampler pack could I? I also picked up a travel-sized purple eyeshadow in “Live Austin Live” ($4.50), the Sweet Perfection Conceal Kit ($10.00) and a bottle of Everyday Hydrate ($9.00) to mix with my moisturizer.

This is the travel version of an Everyday Minerals eyeshadow. It comes in rollerball format while the full size version comes in a sifter jar. The colour was quite a pretty purple with a hint of gold, which I was able to pick up once I used flash on my camera. It also applied fairly nicely for a rollerball, but if you want precise eyeshadow application, I’d use a brush as well.

This is the Sweet Perfection Conceal Kit which includes: a concealer brush, Mint Colour Corrector, Multi-tasking Concealer and Finishing Dust. I thought the brush was quite nice, I liked the bamboo ferrule and the softness of the bristles (synthetic). The website also mentions that the concealer brush is the perfect shape for applying lip colour. In terms of value, the brush alone is $7 so I’d say $10 for the whole kit is not bad at all! 

The last thing I got was the Everyday Hydrate (15mL) which is 100% pure organic argan oil meant to be used as a facial oil, but from what I’ve seen, can be used as a moisturizer for cuticles and hair as well.

I haven’t tried the concealer kit yet, but so far I’m really liking everything else! I like my makeup fairly lightweight so this line looks promising! I still like my 4-in-1 mineral foundation from Pur Minerals, but one thing that I really like about the makeup line for Everyday Minerals is their range of colour when it comes to eyeshadows and blushes. The pricing is also a bit more affordable which is a big factor. Have any of you tried Everyday Minerals before?


  1. I used to use Everyday Minerals exclusively for years until they changed their shipping rates to Canada. I've since moved on to Laura Mercier's Mineral Powder which I actually prefer... though I did like how EM offered different finishes for their foundations.

    xo, alison*elle

    1. What were the rates like before? I've heard good things about Laura Mercier as well, maybe I'll have to give it a try too!

    2. I am trying to purchase my makeup supply from Everday Minerals and found out the shipping is outrageous! The last time I ordered was in 2010 and it cost me $5. I've been loyal to them since 2006 and very angry about what they're pulling.

      Can you tell me where I can find this brand "Laura Mercier" so that I can give it a try. Thanks!

    3. try this site, you can order everyday minerals through them and their shipping options are much more reasonable! I cant' live without the concealer, but i can do without their shadows, blush and what not so I just placed a large order for the basic stuff I need which hopefully will be worth the high shipping rate but next time I'm going with the other site. Just thought you may find this info helpful.

    4. You can find Laura Mercier on Sephora I believe.
      Thank you for the iherb tip! That site has been highly recommended!

  2. I actually hadn't heard of this brand before but I am always looking for more organic healthier skin and makeup products. Definitely going to give them a try after reading your review!

    1. I always love finding organic beauty options that actually work! Let me know what you think of their products!