March Glossybox 2012

It’s here! It’s finally here AND it made it within the month of March! I thought that Glossybox was actually pretty good about keeping all of us updated on the situation with one(some) product(s) having issues at customs. You don’t mess with customs and a lot of us know that you can’t exactly be mean to them…I’d be too scared that they’d say “No makeup for you!”

I will start off by saying that I LOVED this month’s Glossybox and it was well worth the wait! Such a great way to end the month! Again, I can’t get over the wonderful packaging and the sturdiness of the box. I’ve been waiting for the March Glossybox partially for new nail polish storage!

2012-07-16 02.25.23

Here are the products I received this month:

Bailey Cosmetics Fresh Lip Gloss in Berry
Excitement Level: I think I have the colour “Berry” because it was either that or “Pink”, but from how dark it looks in the bottle and on my hand, it’s definitely more on the “Berry” side to me (There is no colour name on the package). I am very excited to try something from Bailey Cosmetics! This was a makeup line launched in 2010 by Canadian fashion designer Brian Bailey exclusively for The Shopping Channel although I don’t see it sold on TSC anymore…I think the colour is lovely and the packaging very sleek.
Full Size: 8g/$28.00
I Received: *FULL SIZE* 

2012-07-16 02.25.52

Pandora Blush in St.Tropez
Excitement Level: Eeeeek! I was so excited to get this blush! That little teaser Glossybox had on their Facebook page had me squeaking like a little mouse! I love that I am getting another opportunity to try a Canadian makeup brand! Pandora is the creation of Canadian makeup artist Susan Kirsch and focuses on eco-chic and eco-friendly packaging such as refillable palettes. Glossybox was also nice enough to include a 40% off code for the Pandora website. The packaging really is quite cute and makes me feel like a little girl because the colours are so feminine. The blush itself is a soft pink, probably lighter than what I would normally get for myself, but it’s something that I can probably build up or mix with another one of my darker blushes.
Full Size: $18 (can’t find the weight anywhere!)
I Received: *FULL SIZE*

2012-07-16 02.26.19

Sebastian Re-Shaper Hair Spray
Excitement Level: I don’t use a lot of hairspray so I am a little hohum about receiving this. I’m not saying I don’t like it, but for me hairspray is just not one of those products I use a lot of. I don’t really know a lot about this company, I just know that they are a salon brand.
Full Size: 300g/$19.95
I Received: 43g/$2.86
Evian Brumisateur Facial Spray
Excitement Level: Oooh ok, after years of being scared to buy this product, now I have the chance to try it! I’ve always thought the idea of spraying water on my face AFTER applying makeup was counterintuitive, but a friend of mine swears by it so I guess I will find out! I had to find out what “brumisateur” meant and as an FYI, it just means “an atomizer that sprays water particles, notably on the face”. 
Full Size: 50mL/$7.00, 150mL/$12.50, 300mL/$17.50
I Received: 50mL/$7.00
Aveeno Daily Moisturizer Lotion
Excitement Level: I do use Aveeno products fairly regularly both on my face and body so this was a welcome sample in my Glossybox. This particular sample that we received is fragrance free and holds a significant memory for me because last Spring I had something called Pityriasis rosea and because it can take anywhere from 4 – 12 weeks to resolve itself, I was too afraid to use any moisturizer with fragrance and wanted to stick with a moisturizer that also soothed the irritation. My bout of Pityriasis rosea lasted 8 weeks and I used up the entire full size bottle of Aveeno. It was the weirdest skin condition I’ve ever had and it only affects young adults, but thank goodness you only get it once and is not contagious. Sorry, I went of track there…
Full Size: 354mL/$11.99

I Received: 71mL/$2.40
Algemarin Foam Bath

Excitement Level: This is a bonus for this month’s Glossybox and is a brand I’ve never heard of before. This is most likely due to its European origins, but the brand’s premise is to bring “sea bathing” into your own bathtub. Algemarin is made from seaweed extracts, algae and mineral salts and apparently gives you the perfect bath at a pH of 5.5 so a little on the basic side ;-)

Full Size: 5 x 5mL/$3.99, 500mL/$17.99, 750mL/$23.95
I Received: 15mL/$0.48 (using best value as to avoid artifical inflation of the value of the Glossybox)

Total Value of Glossybox: $58.74!

Pretty good value for this month, I’d say! I am so happy with everything and I’m sure you girls must be too!


  1. Wowzers, what a wonderful box!!!!! :D

  2. Wow, this looks like a fantastic box! I can't wait to get mine and hope that it's filled with the same goodies as yours! Thanks for sharing.

  3. I just got my box and I got a full sized Bailey foundation duo worth $40, but i would have much rather had the lipgloss!, but either way this was an awesome box! and i cant wait for aprils box1

    1. Glossybox just keeps setting the bar so high! I'm excited for April too!

  4. Replies
    1. It does! I'm excited to try the stuff out!

  5. Replies
    1. I think so too! Definitely a lot better than the other ones I got this month, although Topbox was pretty good too!

  6. Love your blog! Glossybox really was the better box this month. I'm glad you enjoyed yours too!

  7. Glossybox really was good about keeping us updated on the situation! Also, your so lucky you got the lipgloss, it's a gorgeous colour! This month's box had some awesome products in it!

    1. I thought they had some great customer service.

  8. Glossybox definitely had a good month- I am hopefully that they keep it up next month! And since they sent this one out so late, perhaps the April one will feel extra early when we receive it, assuming they send it out within good time!

    1. We could totally be getting our April boxes within the next two weeks!

  9. I received the exact same box as you.. I don't know about you but I am obsessed with the lip gloss (I received the Berry colour as well). I was getting a little impatient near the end but it was definitely worth the wait!

    1. I'm trying to get used to the lip gloss because it's a little but darker than what I normally wear. It doesn't look bad, but just different...