March 2012 Luxe Box

It’s weird, but I almost forgot about this month’s Luxe Box because I feel like I’ve been surrounded by samples, boxes of samples and so much product for the last month that it just slipped out of my head! Sigh…first world problems right?

This month’s Luxe Box was interesting for two reasons: it was Loose Button’s one year anniversary and this month’s box included a different take on the “First In Line” (FIL) program. Correct me if I’m wrong, but I believe that Loose Button is the first of the luxury sample boxes in Canada, followed by Glymm, Topbox and finally Glossybox (although Glossybox has been around in Europe for awhile). To commemorate their one year anniversary, this month’s Luxe Box contained a little card with seeds which I thought was very sweet and cute. It’s unfortunate that my thumbs are all but green and hopefully I will be able to find a home for these little “seedlettes” other than the trash…

This month, Loose Button’s FIL program was done on a first come, first serve basis that involved everyone logging into the Loose Button site at the same time and picking a product. I know this was done on a Sunday because most people work during the week, but I was one of those people who had to work that day, so my lovely significant other actually REMEMBERED me talking about FIL and got up on his own, figured out where to go on the site and chose a product he thought was best for me which ended up being the Cargo Glitter Top Coat.

What I found so cute were these texts that I received from him while I was at work basically showing his train of thought. Everything from “Where do I go"?” to “What’s a glitter top coat"?” to “I think you already have this eyeshadow colour” and finally, “Well, I chose the glitter top coat for you because it sounds like something you don’t have and who wants shampoo samples anyway?” So, good job Hun!


Here are the products I received this month:

J.R. Watkins Hand and Body Lotion in Lavender
Excitement Level: I am actually a huge fan of J.R. Watkins products! Something about the having the word “apothecary” in the product name makes me like it. Talk about marketing at work! I immediately I have gone through two bottles of the lemon cream hand lotion because it smells just like lemon meringue pie! It’s so good!
Full Size: 325mL for $10
I Received: 29mL for $0.89
Chi Silk Fusion
Excitement Level: I’m actually a little bit confused because the bottle says that it’s for hair and skin, but the information card only seems to talk about thermal protection of the hair. I’m guessing that it’s more like an argan oil that I can mix with my moisturizer for an additional boost of hydration.
Full Size: 180mL for $33
I Received: 15mL for $2.75
Cargo Lipgloss in Fresno
Excitement Level: I love lipgloss and this is a very neutral light pink that I’m sure would look good on anyone. My only concern is that I can’t go through lipglosses as quickly as I acquire them!
Full Size: 4.5mL for $14
I Received: *FULL SIZE*

Cargo Lipgloss in Fresno
Cargo Glitter Top Coat
Excitement Level: I am most excited about this product! I own a number of glitter eyeliners, but this is so different because it is an iridescent glitter sitting in a clear base which means that I can use with basically any colour of eyeshadow! I’ve actually been sporting this top coat on black eyeliner with brown eyeshadow at work and I have been loving just how subtle the glitter is.
Full Size: 2.8mL for $18
I Received: *FULL SIZE*

Total Value of Luxe Box: $35.64

What was in your Luxe Box?


  1. I have actually never seen or heard of a glitter top coat- that is interesting! I would love pics of your eyes wearing it if you have the time :P
    I don't subscribe to Luxe but I did notice a vast variation in boxes this month, which was sort of cool. Makes for enjoyable blog reading, anyway :)

    1. I tried taking photos of the glitter top coat but it just refused to show up on camera! I'll try to take another one with makeup on.

  2. That's a pretty awesome box! And what a wonderful boyfriend for logging in and picking the product for you :)

  3. I would never trust my boyfriend to pick something that I would actually use LOL way to go! Definitely a keeper =) I'm so jealous of all the Luxe boxes I want one so bad.

    1. LOL, I was very impressed that he knew me that well and thought it everything through the way he did!

  4. Aww what a cute bottle of the silk infusion! Love that stuff :)

    1. Oh, well then I have something to look forward to!