March 2012 Glymm Box

Hi Peeps!

So, the highly anticipated “feather hair extension” Glymm box finally arrived for me! On the plus side, Glymm has once again exposed me to brands that I have never heard of or tried, but unfortunately I don’t the products were the best for me…

This month I received:
M.Asam – Perfect Teint (full size $42/50mL)
M.Asam – Magic Fini (full size $38/30mL)
NuMe - Feather Hair Extensions in Blue
Ocean - Nail Polish in “Heavenly”

I’m guess I’m looking forward to trying all these new products with the exception of the feather hair extensions that I will be giving to a friend who has been itching to try them for awhile! At least it’s going to a good home!

I was super excited to receive a nail polish, but the shade I got is quite sheer and one that I don’t think I’d ever wear…sigh, any shade other than nude. I want to trade! So far half of the products I have received this month won’t be used!

M.Asam Perfect Teint – 5mL = $4.20
M.Asam Magic Fini – 5mL = $6.33
NuMe Feather Hair Extensions *FULL SIZE* = $25.00
Ocean Nail Polish *FULL SIZE* = *12.00
Total Value of Glymm Box = $47.53

I guess this month’s products weren’t really for me, but hey, it’s still two full size products and if the nail polish were any other colour I would have been all over this box, but that’s not Glymm’s fault. Hopefully, next month’s will be a bit more suited to me.


  1. The facial products look interesting. I agree with you on the polish, I don't care for super sheer ones.

  2. What's the difference between the two M Asam products you got?

    1. The Perfect Teint is supposed to fill in fine lines and wrinkles giving your skin a smooth finish and the Magic Fini is pretty similar, but also conceals uneven skin tone.

  3. I hope that the next box is more suited to you. :D

  4. Aw sorry to hear this box wasn't for you! Hopefully the next one will be! :D

  5. I was really not a fan of the March box at all. I wont use those M.Asam products at all and the hair extension is just not my style. I actually like the nailpolish. I got the same colour as you, but I am a nude nail polish junkie so its fits me just right :)

    1. I ended up switching my nail polish with a friend of mine, so now I have a really nice wine burgundy colour that I would totally wear!