March Maven Box (plus some other Julep goodies!)

Hello beauties!

For this month’s Julep Box I decided to switch to the “Bombshell” box from my previous designation as “Classic With a Twist” because I fell in love with the colour “Natasha” which is a bright orange creme and more importantly, a colour I don’t already own! I had to check my collection to make sure! I also received Sofia which is a very sheer lime glitter green that I thought would look really cool over China Glaze’s “Gaga for Green”. This month’s Maven box also included a emery nail file and their new Julep Elixer Organic Argan Oil which is a great addition considering it is found in the Julep boutique for $24. I’ve been using argan oil for my hair and as an additional kick in my night time moisturizer when I’m feeling particularly dry, so I knew I would definitely use this product. It even came with an eye dropper cap making it really easy to get a precise amount of product. 

Oh, so here are my bonus Julep polishes! I don’t know if any of you took advantage of this, but on Oscars night all regular priced items in the Julep store were 50% off using the code “MICHELLE”. I was feeling lonely because my bf was away at a conference out East so I decided to purchase some NEW friends who go by the names of: “Taylor”, “Holly”, “Trina” and “Anne” (from top to bottom). Look at them, they’re so pretty! I also received a little sample of hand cream which was nice.

And that’s it! I’ve had such a fun time reading everyone else’s blog posts on what they received in this month’s Maven box so I hope you guys enjoyed mine too!


  1. love this post! the extra polishes you got on Oscar night are adorable. I am always envious of everyone's Julep boxes! but I still can't justify subscribing :(

    1. I know what you mean, I feel a little guilty..I'm hoping I'll have more self-control and say NO to next month's Maven Box...

  2. Ooh, looks great! I thing Taylor is also on my wishlist and Sophia looks so fun! Can't wait to see swatches!

  3. I love the colour combo in the Bombshell box! And those Oscar colours are fab, I am really like Anne.