More Nerd Lacquers!


Look what arrived in the mail! Now that Nerd Lacquer has really taken off, I keep trying to get as many of Amanda’s polishes as possible before she has to close up her Etsy shop to fulfill orders. As an FYI, her shop is now open and it looks like there is plenty of stock so get your Nerd Lacquers while you can! I’m sure these polishes need no introduction as they have been a nail community favourite for the last couple of months now. All three of these polishes look amazing as usual and I hope to show swatches of these soon! I should slow down the nail polish hauling because I can’t get to them quick enough!



  1. Replies
    1. I can't seem to keep up! I need to stop buying so much nail polish...

  2. Man, I've got to get my butt over to her shop!

    1. You have to get some Nerd Lacquers! Her shop is closed again because people (like myself) went crazy again and bought so many bottles!

  3. It's an interesting colour, eh? I've never seen a glittery taupe before!

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    1. I know, I should have a week of Nerd Lacquer so that I can get the swatches of them all together!