Nerd Lacquer Swatch – ”It’s Just a Flesh Wound”

Hi Everyone!

I guess it's about time I started wearing some of these Nerd Lacquers since I bought 10...this was yet another wonderful polish. I have three thin coats although I could have stopped at two, but kept going because I wanted the black to be bit darker. This is a beautiful black jelly with red and silver glitter. I let the bf pick this one out to wear and he chose well! I've had a lot of compliments on it and was again so impressed with how unique and easy this colour was to work with.

Pssst, my cat wouldn't move out of the way! He kept walking into the shot so that's why the background looks VERY white ;-)



  1. Replies
    1. All of the Nerd Lacquer stuff is so amazing! She's always sold out!

  2. ahhh *jumping up and down* I can't wait to get mine lol

  3. I love how tchis polish looks! I might have to buy it...I love how this polish looks! I may just have to buy it! To be honest I always consider buying stuff when the Pythons are involved :P

  4. Love it! I have to get on the list when she makes more, but you're right, it always looks like it's sold out.

  5. <3~ so many dimensions, and so sparkly!