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Few of you already know this, but before I began my beauty career, I was actually the director for a large Canadian jewellery company for a decade. Needless to say, I know my gems and shiny baubles VERY well. I know what to look for when it comes to a quality piece, check the security of your diamonds as well as quote you how much a repair would cost. I have helped a few friends find their engagement rings, hand-delivered rings to clients and worked with FedEx to make sure one gal in the Yukon got that 1 carat diamond engagement ring for Christmas! In short, I am very selective when it comes to what I wear so let me honestly say (aren’t I always?) that I was TRULY impressed when I got a taste of the jewellery selection at SOUFEEL.

SOUFEEL Sterling Silver Charm Bracelet Review Pandora (2)

SOUFEEL Sterling Silver Charm Bracelet Review Pandora

SOUFEEL specializes specifically in sterling silver jewellery with every order arriving in a white leatherette box with a pale blue bow.

SOUFEEL Sterling Silver Charm Bracelet Review Pandora (3)
Inside, my bracelet and charms were placed in small plastic baggies which is the how even fine jewellery like gold, platinum and diamonds are shipped. These baggies are made of a slightly thicker plastic so that friction against your jewellery is minimal. When you get your jewellery repaired, it will often also be placed in small plastic baggie. *HINT* Keep all of your sterling silver sealed in these baggies when you’re not wearing them to prevent tarnishing. It’s how I’ve kept sterling jewellery tarnish-free for YEARS.

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I have a small wrist at 6.5 inches so thankfully SOUFEEL had a number of different lengths to choose from (here) including one that would fit me. The bracelet itself is a hefty snake chain with a barrel-like clasp. The chain is solid sterling silver and not hollow like I thought it would be. The clasp is VERY secure once snapped shut, but can be tricky to close if you don’t have help. Someone with arthritis will not be able to close this on their own. I would suggest replacing this clasp with a magnetic one which will run you about $20-$45 in sterling silver depending on the diameter.

SOUFEEL Sterling Silver Charm Bracelet Review Pandora (5)
The charms I selected should come as no surprise really – a paw charm to represent the kitties who have come and gone, a jewelled crown because I admit that I am high maintenance and a July birthstone charm because my birthday is on July 1st!

SOUFEEL Sterling Silver Charm Bracelet Review Pandora (6)

I’ve shown this view of the charms because I used to get asked a lot whether pieces were either real gold or silver and this is how you can tell: for sterling silver, there should be a 925 stamp somewhere on the piece. It will never be too obvious because the last thing you want to see on a piece of jewellery are giant numbers. 925 stands for 92.5% pure silver which is the industry standard for sterling. Gold usually goes by 10K, 14K or 18K (sometimes there are percentages) and platinum will be stamped PT or 999 for 99.9% pure platinum.

SOUFEEL Sterling Silver Charm Bracelet Review Pandora (7)

SOUFEEL Sterling Silver Charm Bracelet Review Pandora (8)

And we of course need to check where the 925 stamp is on the bracelet and like I said, it’s always hidden away. On bracelets, it’s almost always stamped on the clasp and in the case of this SOUFEEL bracelet, it’s on the inside of it. Sneaky!

SOUFEEL Sterling Silver Charm Bracelet Review Pandora (10)

The SOUFEEL bracelets also fit Pandora and Chamilia charms so I was able to transfer some random Pandora charms I was given as a gift right onto this bracelet!

SOUFEEL Sterling Silver Charm Bracelet Review Pandora (9)

Those of you that are jewellery fiends will be delighted to know that SOUFEEL has a rewards program that gives you points with every purchase and right now SOUFEEL is giving 20 points (=$2) to all newly registered customers! Considering you need to spend $3 to earn 1 point, this is not a bad bonus if you see yourself buying repeatedly (ummm hello, my bracelet is half empty!). There is also FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING over $50 (that’s like 2.5 glitzy charms) and a ONE YEAR return policy which is insane.

Final Verdict: Would I shop from SOUFEEL again? YOU BET. I was so impressed with the quality of the product and the bracelet plus the three charms was just under $100 which is an incredible price considering all of the pieces are sterling silver. I think I definitely have to add charms because I actually don’t like it when charms slide back and forth. I like everything stationary so I guess I’ll be getting myself some SOUFEEL points…there are SO MANY charms to choose from and are such great little gifts like for MOTHER’S DAY! As someone who has been in the jewellery biz awhile, the bracelet and charms totally meet my snobby standards.

Have I convinced you that this is THE place for charm bracelets?
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Disclaimer: I received these products for review purposes, but isn’t it obvious that the opinions shared here are my own?

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