HAIR | Giving Hair Anti-Frizz Style with the *NEW* CONAIR Infiniti Pro The Ultimate Brush and got2b Haircare

Ever since I got my hair ombred, I feel like I have gotten somewhat vain about my hair. I used to be fairly low maintenance about it with straightening and smoothing being the only things I cared about, but now that it only really looks good with waves I have employed what feels like an entourage of tools to make it look fabulous. I have been relying solely on my ghd as my one and only hair appliance and although I still use a hairbrush to brush out tangles it’s not a tool that I have been looking to improve upon. When London Drugs offered me the opportunity to try out the new Conair Infiniti Pro The Ultimate Brush*($39.99 CDN) I though sure, why not. My current hairbrush situation is pretty boring and it can only get better, right?

The Infiniti Pro is a revolutionary new hair brush that is going to be a game changer for anyone who has struggled with frizz or static-prone hair. Vancouver’s humidity can play massive havoc with any gal’s hair and I will admit that there have been times when I have DRIVEN instead of taken transit to avoid dealing with my hair after humidity. This brush is powered with an anti-frizz ionic generator that releases ions straight onto hair, making it smooth, silky and soft. We have heard about ions before with flat irons and hairdryers and what conditioning ions do is neutralize any static charge along the cuticle of the hair for that instantly shiny finish.

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Conair Infiniti Pro The Ultimate Brush Review (3)

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Conair Infiniti Pro The Ultimate Brush Review

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The Infiniti Pro includes 2 AAA batteries and has a whole in the center of the brush where the ionic generator is strategically positioned for optimal anti-static benefits. The brush itself is fairly lightweight and feels just like a normal hair brush. I am also a fan of the spiffy silver finish because it’s almost like using a hair brush from the 24th century.

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When the ionic generator is turned on, an orange light will appear. Though I expected to hear a buzzing sound, the brush is silent. Unfortunately, because of the silence I have a habit of leaving the ionic generator on…

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The bristles are ball-tipped and feel quite sturdy. They can hurt a little on the scalp if you are an aggressive hair brusher since the bristles aren’t very dense. If there were more bristles, the impact would be more evenly distributed. This wasn’t even a factor for me as the ions were magical! I kept my shampoo and conditioner the same and the very first night I brushed my WET hair with the Infinti Pro I didn’t think anything of it. I let my hair air dry and I noticed that it was sleek and slippery which is something I no longer experience now that the ends of my hair have had the colour lifted. My hair felt so soft and was just sliding through my fingers like silk. I wondered why and then realized that I had used the Infiniti Pro!

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Great looking hair still needs some help to hold it in place so nowadays I am NEVER without hairspray for when I curl my hair. I generally look for light-medium hold as well as a scent that is neither overpowering nor seems to last all day like a perfume. I tend to rotate between the got2b Rise ‘n Shine Luminous Lift Hairspray* and the Guardian Angel Frizz Taming Hairspray*. Ever since I started using the Infiniti Pro, I have been using more of the Rise ‘n Shine since my hair isn’t quite as frizzy. Both have a pleasant scent and although Rise ‘n Shine says “Hi Pouf Hold” I have found my curls still stay soft. 

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I usually let my hair air dry, but if I am going to blow dry it or am going out directly after a shower (I shower at night) I will use the got2b Blow Dry Cream* just to give my hair a bit of hold. I love the idea of putting in a styling cream as part of the blow drying process because you can sort of tease the product through your hair and almost style it at the same time. It’s all about saving time! Generally, I will style my hair when it is dry which is why I am a huge fan of the got2b Oil-licious Styling Oil* because it can be used on both dry and damp hair, while giving my hair this great shine. Oil is SO important to me after curling because the ends of my hair are so dry. They need all the help they can get!

Final Verdict: I know it’s a $40 hairbrush, but it actually works! You can essentially eliminate an anti-frizz hair product by using just this brush. I thought it was just me, but then I went to the London Drugs IG and saw YTbers demonstrating this brush on their own hair and you can see their hair “calming down” with every stroke. It’s pretty incredible that this type of ionic technology can be incorporated into what looks like an unassuming hairbrush and I totally give it a thumbs up for anyone that struggles with frizz or static-prone hair!

The Conair Infiniti Pro The Ultimate Brush is available exclusively at London Drugs. All got2b haircare products can also be found at London Drugs and other drugstores across Canada.

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