EYELASH REVIEW | ESQIDO Mink Collection in Style “Unforgettable”

I feel like THIS is the year of the false lash for me. I had said in my beauty resolutions guest post that I vowed to get more comfortable with an eyelash curler, eyeshadow colours and applying false lashes. Although the eyelash curler is still something I haven’t mastered, I can honestly say that I am trying hard with the latter two resolutions. The more false lashes I try, the more I know what I want and I want quality. ESQIDO false lashes are professional grade mink lashes with a soft, handmade cotton lash band that are soft and fluttery in appearance yet have a wear time of up to 25 applications.

ESQIDO Mink False Lashes Review (3)

ESQIDO Mink False Lashes Review (2)

ESQIDO Mink False Lashes Review (4) 
I received the style “Unforgettable”($36.00 USD)* which are one of the more natural-looking styles ESQIDO offers in their lash assortment.

ESQIDO Mink False Lashes Review (5)  
I love the way the lashes flare out towards the outer edges and get gradually thicker giving the lashes a natural gradient. Each individual lash is also incredibly well-defined!

ESQIDO Mink False Lashes Review

 Many of you will recognize the eye makeup look from my MAC is Beauty post (here). The lashes opened my eyes SO MUCH. I am so jealous of all of you gals out there with long lashes.

ESQIDO Mink False Lashes Review (7)

ESQIDO Mink False Lashes Review (6)

The lash band is thin, but still strong and holds the perfect curve. I still had to trim them like with most false lashes, but other than that, they fit like a dream. I actually placed the trimmed parts of the lashes on the outer lashes for even MORE fullness. Waste not, want not!

Final Verdict: Baby, these are NICE. The things that I really look for in lashes, in my newbie opinion are a stable lash band, comfort and how natural the lashes actually look. These lashes fulfilled all of my personal criteria and with such a full set of lashes feeling so weightless, I am sold. I happily wore them for a couple of hours and just adore how soft and feminine they look. The lash band has a bounce to it that bodes well for 24 more future uses!

ESQIDO mink lashes can be purchased on esqido.com

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