SKINCARE | NIOD Multi-Molecular Hyaluronic Complex First Impressions Review

When it comes to skincare, hyaluronic acid is an ingredient we hear a lot about, but can be somewhat misunderstood. I once had a client tell me that he was actually allergic to hyalronic acid (HA) even though it is a naturally found in connective, epithelial and neural tissue throughout the body. Just by looking at this bottle of NIOD (Non Invasive Options in Dermal Science) Multi-Molecular Hyaluronic Complex*($60.00 CDN/30mL), I am feeling a little intimidated at how I’m going to talk about this product because it just LOOKS “sciencey” and complicated, but really what sets this product apart from other HA skincare products is its multidimensional approach to topical HA delivery. The MMHC is a serum that “combines 12 forms of hyaluronic compounds in a peptide-charged delivery system” to give skin lasting hydration and plumpness.
NIOD Multi Molecular Hyaluronic Complex Review Serum
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HA is essential for proper bodily function as it acts to lubricate joints and act as a cushion so skin stays nicely plumped and hydrated. As we age, we see a loss of HA in the epidermis or top layer of the skin (Papakonstantinou et al., Dermato Endocrinology) which is the main cause of loss of moisture in skin. Topical HA application has been the most effective way to replenish HA in the epidermis and what is really cool about the MMHC is that of the 12 forms of HA, there are FOUR varying molecular weights of HA ranging from “very low” to “mid-molecular” to “high”. The idea is that the high molecular weight HA will hydrate the top epidermal layers while the lower molecular weight HAs will penetrate to the deeper levels of the 23-28 layered epidermis. It has also been suggested that low molecular weight HA stimulates the body to produce its own HA. I know that low molecular weight HA triggers an immune response in skin epithelium so my instincts want to believe this for my aging skin’s sake!
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The MMHC is recommended for use with the NIOD Copper Amino Isolate Serum, but if used alone should be used after cleansing and just before moisturizer. Serums generally enhance the efficacy of your moisturizer and any other products you use on top so if you’re not using a serum now, I beg you to start!
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The consistency of the MMHC is like water and is oil-free. It absorbs very readily and has no scent. I use about 4-5 drops for my face and neck. 
Final Verdict: I used the MMHC for almost 2 weeks and though I normally review for a longer period, there was a bit of a rush to get this first impressions post ready. As for the science and thought behind it, just reading the product info I felt like there wasn’t much marketing jargon. If anything, I felt like I was delving back into my old biochemistry textbooks. The results after 2 weeks though have been accurate in that my skin does feel plump, but it’s not like my skin has ever felt…”flat”. I feel that using a serum like this at this point in my life is more preventative than anything as I am so anal about my skincare regime anyway. I will admit that the serum does feel like a sigh of relief on the skin once applied and as we approach the summer season a texture I tend to prefer.
Hyaluronic acid – Something you seek out or is just nice to have in your skincare routine?
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