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I have a bit of an obsession with hair bands because I’m not great at doing anything else with my hair other than straightening/curling it. I rarely put it up in anything more than a bun which is what made me start collecting hair bands as they are the simplest way for me to add some *bling* to my otherwise boring hairstyles. The biggest issue I have with hair bands is that they always give me a headache after an hour or two so when I received the opportunity to review the glamorous looking, yet super comfortable hair accessories from Dauphines of New York my very first thought was “How long will I be able to wear this on my head before I need an Advil?”

Created by Summer Rej, each hair accessory truly feels like a piece of jewellery. I love glitz and glitter so when I first laid my eyes on this* bejeweled beauty, I was in total awe. Recently introduced to Sephora’s “Beauty on the Fly”, Dauphines of New York hair accessories start at just $24 and are made with semiprecious gemstones of coral, turquoise and pyrite, glistening crystal strands or fine leather. Each hair accessory has an adjustable strap and can also double as a necklace! I love multi-purpose pieces!

Dauphines of New York Hairbands Review

Dauphines of New York Hairbands Review (6)

Dauphines of New York Hairbands Review (9) 
Each Dauphine of New York hair accessory is engraved with the the word “Dauphines” and the style I received was composed of 5 individual lightweight metal strands made with crystals and marcasite stones. It may not be diamonds, but it sure comes pretty damn close! Can you imagine how much something like this would be if it were made with diamonds?!

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The adjustable band is SO COMFORTABLE and can be adjusted it while it is on your head without messing up your hairstyle if it starts to feel tight. The band is elastic though so I have heard from others who own these that excessive stretching can loosen them over time. 

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I could not wait to put this on my head!

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It works as a messy-style layered necklace, but I think I will be wearing this in my hair most of the time.

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Final Verdict: I wanted to wear this out to the hardware store, but the hubby said I looked too dressed up for picking up wood pellets. THAT’S how much I loved this piece! I was able to wear this for hours before it started to feel a little uncomfortable, but keep in mind that I get headaches/migraines on a daily basis so I am sensitive to physical discomfort and even barometric pressure (my head knows when it’s going to rain!). I want to treasure this hair piece forever and love how I can make my hair look stunning with something so simple. The quality is solid in terms of all the stones having 4 claws holding them in, but costume jewellery should be given EXTRA TLC. Don’t throw it in a pile with other accessories. I store this in its own little pouch when I’m not wearing it and avoid spraying hairspray or perfume on it. Something like this should be the LAST thing you put on!

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Select styles of Dauphines of New York hair accessories are available now at and ship internationally.

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