NAILS | Easy Halloween Nail Art #ManiMonday

Last week ran away from me just as I expected with the LD Beauty Event happening up at Whistler and a very very busy work week involving some long hours and more caffeine than I am used to. My system feels in need of some sort of detox or reboot as the last thing I want to happen is to get sick! I did not think I would have the time or energy to come up with a fresh ManiMonday let alone one for Halloween, but then a package from Beauty Big Bang showed up containing these fancy Halloween nail decals* which took all of 5 minutes to apply, but didn't end up looking quite as sharp as I had hoped after top coat was applied.

Halloween Nail Art

I don't normally do full length nail decals since I enjoy the actual process of painting my nails, but in a crunch these are super easy to use, BUT a tad finicky. It's up to you whether you would like to apply a base coat or not since nail polish is not being used. The decals will still stick either way.

The decals were a bit long even for my nails so I trimmed off any excess once I had positioned the parts of the decal I wanted on my nail. Smooth out the bubbles and then apply your top coat! The top coat also makes the decal smoother so don't fret if you aren't able to get out ALL of the lumps prior to top coat.

Halloween Nail Art

You can see on my nails that as easy as I have made it sound, there were some casualties. So, the top coat both makes things so pretty and can utterly destroy EVERYTHING. Try to do at most ONE pass of top coat without having your brush touch the nail surface because if it does, your decal will be brushed right off! The top coat almost melts the decal so while it's great for getting rid of excess bits hanging off the nail (they literally melt off), it will also melt off your hard work so just be careful! I lost two of the tips to "overstroking". Sounds so dirty.

Halloween Nail Art

Final verdict: Technical difficulties aside, there were two things that bothered me about these decals once the top coat was dry - one, they look faded and almost like newspaper print transfer nails and two, these were expensive for what they were. The quality of the ink on the decals was not what I would have considered to be worth $6.

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